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What is the Restore it Forward™ Program?

Child and family safety requires consistency, planning, community involvement and a total commitment to improving how we create positive change where it matters the most – in the real daily lives of our friends and neighbors.  That’s why the team at Mr. Restore has created the Restore It Forward™ program.  Now’s your chance to get involved, learn more, attend some events and become part of the solution in our towns.  Check out upcoming events and take the time to join our mailing list now – so we can keep you and your family on our mind and in the loop!  We did this for you and we can’t do it without you.  Please explore and by all means, reach out to us if we can be of help!

The Restore It Forward Monthly Challenge

Every month, the team at Mr. Restore’s Restore it Forward™ headquarters gather nominations for our $1,000 award!  The candidate is chosen at random, provided the submissions meet basic guidelines – and that overall the nominee is doing something great to make a difference for someone else in the community.

Want To Volunteer?

There’s no better feeling than helping keep kids and families safe by lending a helping hand.

The Restore it Forward™ team is always looking for help with making our events even more successful for the community!  Our partners and friends have become amazing volunteers and we’d love to hear from you if you want to help.  If you’re organized, willing to show up either before the event happens or on event day – there’s important work to be done!

Please use this form to apply for one of our volunteer positions.

Become a Sponsor

If you’re reading this, then you’ve been selected as a possible event sponsor for the upcoming Restore It Forward™ Event brought to our community by the team at Mr. Restore. This is an exciting opportunity for many reasons!

  • Thousands of families and businesses will see your business getting involved with helping keep kids and families safe!
  • Our other event partners become part of your network
  • You’ll be making a HUGE impact in the community and the lives of kids and families in a very special way!


  • Your business will be listed on our website – inside our Mr. Restore website, that receives thousands of views per day.
  • You’ll be featured on our Facebook posts regularly leading up to the event. (viewed by thousands of families and business owners in our towns)
  • Get listed as a BRONZE level sponsor on the 4’x8’ event banner so every event attendee will see you and the good that you are doing.


Everything from BRONZE, and…
We will feature your business on event tees.

  • You will be listed in our event e-mails that go out to all attendees with your website and logo, as well as a link to the event sponsors page where you can share your website, phone number and a detailed summary of your business and offers.
  • You’ll be able to contribute an event-appropriate promotional item in our event gift bags that we’re making available to our first 100 event registrants.

GOLD $1,000

Everything from BRONZE, and SILVER…(but featured as GOLD)

  • You will be in the FEATURED SPONSORS section of the event website.
  • And… you’ll be promoted in our event ads and on our event registration page, where every attendee visits. Also, a “business profile” e-mail will be sent out to all registrants after they register where we will feature your business and a detailed profile of both why you chose to get involved and anything else you’d like to share about your business and offer.
  • You’ll be featured as a GOLD SPONSOR for this event and the next Restore It Forward event!
  • Get a FEATURED PRESENTATION spot on the “stage” during the event! (where you can address all attendees!)

Promote At The Event!

All sponsor levels may bring a table/booth for the event. (All sponsors who present or display will be asked to offer a fun activity that is education and great for kids – all related to water safety! Need ideas… just ask us.)