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The Process of Water Damage Restoration

The Process of Water Damage Restoration

Disaster can strike at any moment, whether through a weather event, fire or some other form of damage and your next step is to look for a company that provides complete water damage restoration. A qualified, reputable restoration team will return your home and life to normal.

Evaluate the Damage

No one likes to imagine something happening to destroy their home or their belongings.When you first hire a company for water damage repair, they will send qualified inspectors to your home to survey the damage. They will not only look for visible damage to your home and belongings, but will also closely and thoroughly inspect the structure to determine its stability and safety. A quick run-through will never be sufficient, so don’t trust a company that recommends extensive repairs without a thorough inspection.

Create a Plan of Action

Once the thorough survey and inspection is completed, the water damage restoration team will work with you to create a response plan. The team should go over all the damage uncovered in the inspection and give you all options regarding repairing the damage. Some repairs may be optional, but often you will need to decide whether to repair something or replace it. While disposing of any of your damaged belongings may be unthinkable, the effort and cost of restoration can be very high. Your restoration team will equip you to make those tough decisions and move ahead in your return to normalcy.

Complete the Restoration

Upon your approval, the restoration specialists will complete the required water damage repair and restoration. This may be a long process depending on the extent of the damage, but a quality restoration company will give you an estimate for the length of the project. If a project exceeds the estimate, you will be informed of the change and the cause for delay so that you can make appropriate arrangements. Again, a qualified restoration team will keep you fully informed throughout the process, limiting the disruption to your life and the time required to get back to normal. Dealing with water damage in your home, whether caused by fire response, storm or other event, can seem overwhelming. The idea that you might lose your home or belongings can be devastating. However, if you hire an experienced, reputable restoration company to complete the water damage repairs, you will increase both the amount of your possessions you can salvage and your peace of mind throughout the restoration process.