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How To Prevent Water Damage This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Friends and family will come together to eat, celebrate, and enjoy each other’s company. While entertaining many people under one roof, it is easy to forget about possible damage to your home that may occur over the holidays. With lots of food coming in and out of the oven, most people take extra precautions to prevent house fires during Thanksgiving. But what about water damage? 

Whether you are hosting guests this holiday season or visiting someone else, water damage is likely to happen. Overuse of bathrooms, appliances and other accidents can happen with so many people in one home. Remember, unattended water damage leads to costly repairs. Prevent unwanted water damage this Thanksgiving by following Mr Restore’s tips:

Be Extra Careful With Appliances

Talk with your guests or ask your host how to properly use appliances around the house. No house guest wants to cause a flood, but misusing an appliance can lead to serious water damage.

After the big meal is finished and it is time to clean up, be careful with overusing the dishwasher and sink. If your guests want to help clean up (yes please!) show them the best way to load the dishes and be sure not to overstuff it. A leaky dishwasher or one that breaks due to the wrong kind of soap can cause water to drip and even flood your kitchen. 

Another appliance that his a common culprit of water damage is the washing machine. Be sure your guests know how to properly work your washing machine. Talk to them about washing smaller loads in order to prevent leakage. Again, be sure the right amount of detergent is being used.

When an appliance malfunctions, it is easy to miss the water damage until it is too late. Be sure to check around your appliance regularly to prevent mold and mildew growth. Appliances to look out for during Thanksgiving include:

  • Ice maker
  • Garbage disposal
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher

Pay Attention to Your Bathrooms

The plumbing in your house is rated for a certain occupancy, usually based on the number of bedrooms your home has. However, with guests staying for an extended time, your plumbing will handle far more showers, toilets flushing, dishes washed, and laundry. This can easily lead to problems with drains and toilets. If your drains or toilets overflow, not only can this be messy and unsanitary, but it can also cause water damage. 

Ask your guests to tell you if there has been a problem so you can do what needs to be done. Otherwise, your holidays may end with a call to us for water restoration services.

Lookout For Accidents

Talk to your guests about using extra caution throughout the house to prevent spills and leaks. Ask them to help you prevent them and look for them. Be sure that all wet clothes and towels are not sitting on the floor. If it is raining or snowing outside, be sure that all damp items stay on the front porch and are not sitting on carpet or hardwood.

Although accidents may happen, following the tips above will keep your water damage risk low. We hope you’ll have an eventful holiday season without any accidents. Nonetheless, if water damage occurs, contact Mr. Restore immediately. With over 50 years of experience, we will help with all your water restoration needs

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