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The Top 6 Dangers of Leaving Water Damage Untreated

The Top 6 Dangers of Leaving Water Damage Untreated

Water damage can occur due to a variety of reasons. It can happen after a serious storm that led to rainwater leaking into your home. It can occur due to a water pipe bursting or an appliances malfunctioning. No matter what the cause,  it is vital that you immediately take care of the water damage before it leads to irrevocable damage.

If the water damage is not what a homeowner considers “extreme,” it will often go untreated. Simply drying or mopping up water on your own is usually not enough to prevent future problems. Untreated water damage can cause mold growth, structural damage, and can even cause your property value to decrease. Mr. Restore has responded to hundreds of homes that suffered from extensive water damage that could have been prevented if actions were taken sooner. 

Here are 6 reasons why you should never leave water damage unattended:

  • Mold Growth

Mold and mildew will begin to grow on surfaces that are wet or damp. If left unattended, water will sit and seep into surfaces like countertops, ceilings, walls, floors, and cabinets. These damp areas create the perfect climate for mold spores to develop. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can also lead to serious health and respiratory problems. Once mold begins to grow, it is difficult and expensive to remove. 

  • Electrical Damage

Water will damage electronics and electrical systems in your home. Televisions, computers, phones, household appliances, and other electronics are destroyed once exposed to water. More importantly, standing water provides a dangerous current for electricity. Outlets and electrical boxes could be deadly if the power is not turned off if there is standing water in the home.

  • Destroyed Belongings

If a restoration company is not immediately called to properly extract the water, serious damage to your personal items will occur. Furniture, electronics, clothes, photos, books and important documents are just some of the items that will be lost or destroyed if the water is not properly removed.

  • Structural Damage

Standing water will cause substantial structural damage to your home. Hardwood floors become warped or buckled when exposed to water. This can lead to destroyed floors and possible destroyed foundations. Walls exposed to water (due to pipe leaks or appliance malfunctions) can also destroy drywall and paint. Be sure to hire a professional to take care of water damage to destroy costly damages to your home. 

  • Decreased  Property Value

Considering that water damage leads to unsightly stains, mold, and structural damage, all of this can make your home less appealing to appraisers and home-buyers. These unattractive problems are also accompanied by unattractive smells. Keep the value of your home high by taking care of water damage immediately.

  • Health Hazards

Standing waters caused by floods and heavy rain contains harmful bacteria and toxins. If not treated and removed by a professional, the bacteria can carry serious illnesses and viruses. They can spread to your furniture and linger there even after the water has been removed. 

To avoid these costly and dangerous situations, it is best to immediately call Mr Restore if your home suffers from water damage. Even if you think the damage is not severe, you should still give Mr Restore a call because the damage could be worse than you assume. We have over 50 years of experience remediating and drying all types of water damage and will get your home or business back to normal.