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Smoke Damage Cleanup Tips in Fort Worth, TX

Accidents causing fire and smoke damage are somewhat common in Fort Worth, Texas. If left untreated and lingering for long, the contaminants can seep into the walls, upholstery, or other permeable surfaces, leaving a mess that’s tough to get rid of. Here are some helpful smoke damage cleanup tips that you may find immediately beneficial following a fire. For anything major, you should call a smoke damage restoration specialist in Fort Worth, Texas to handle the cleanup for you.

Ensure Safe Entry

It may be tempting to get to work after the blaze, but it is important to verify that the fire has been extinguished. Confirm that your property is safe to move around, but only if the blaze was relatively small. If specialists have been called in, wait for them to give you a green light to enter the building and begin cleaning up.

Start As Soon As Possible

The longer the smoke damage is left untreated, the harder it is to clean from the surfaces. The unpleasant odor can be dangerous for people who already suffer from respiratory difficulties. So, it’s important that you address this problem as soon as possible, as it will help you cleanup and avoid potential health complications.

Turn Off Your HVAC System

Once it is safe to reach your HVAC system, please turn it off, so no particles spread throughout your property. Open windows, doors, and other entryways for that much-needed ventilation. After you clear all smoke damage, do not forget to change air filters to maintain the HVAC system’s efficiency.

Wear Protective Gear

It is important to put on your protective gear including a mask before entering the property. It helps prevent the soot from getting into your eyes and mouth, and it helps you avoid allergic reactions on the skin. There can be toxic chemicals in the air or on surfaces after a fire. Putting on appropriate protective wear limits your exposure to hazardous substances present in your building.

Deep Clean

Start cleaning the property from top to bottom. Throw away heavily smoked or damaged items. Inspect for any signs of soot or charring on electronics. Immediately dispose of clothes that are burnt or covered in soot. Wipe down hard surfaces. Wash the walls and ceilings and rub off stubborn stains. Use cleaners and chemicals that are safe to use for smoke damage. Dry clean fabrics, deodorize coverings, and dump smoke-damaged foods and liquids. Anything that has directly been exposed to the fire and the smoke must be thrown away. Any item that is questionable, should be thrown away.

Get Professional Help

DIY smoke damage cleanup may be manageable only when the fire is small, and you can handle it on-your-own. However, the restoration process can be expedited and safely conducted by professionals. For properties with exceptionally high ceilings and widespread damage, calling a specialist is a good idea. They’re well-versed with the tasks that need to be completed and have the expertise to mitigate the damage.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Specialists in Fort Worth, Texas

Smoke damage can be very difficult to clean following a house fire. While you can clear some contamination by yourself, you will most likely require professional help to restore the entire home. So, if your property has extensive smoke damage, you should contact a professional smoke damage restoration company in Fort Worth, Texas.

At Mr. Restore, we’re available 24/7 to immediately get to work on restoring your property. We suggest a workable plan of action and help save any structures and belongings that that can be repaired. Contact the Mr. Restore team to learn how we can help!