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5 Home Projects for Fall

Cooler temperatures are making their way into the forecast, and what better way to kick off the season than with some projects around the house? We’ve got some steps you can take to make sure your home is ready for the change in weather. These tips will help prevent water and fire damage with the added bonus of saving you money along the way!

1 – Insulate the attic

It’s too hot to do this in the summer, so now is the time to get up there and see how everything is looking. You will also be able to see where there might be a draft coming from an open area. This will help prevent any water damage from outside and keep your heating costs down in the winter.

2 – Become energy efficient

Caulking your windows, doors, and any area that air can get in is inexpensive to save some money. Keeping the warm air in during the winter and the cold air out is so important and will save on your energy bill. Use silicone caulk because it’s flexible, waterproof, and crackproof.

Just remember to never caulk over old caulk. Use a razor blade first to remove the old caulk. Removing the old caulk can also strip off any mold or mildew that may have formed. Then, clean the surface with a household cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or a wire brush, and wipe with a clean cloth. Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and free of soap, grease, dirt, and dust before caulking.

3 – Clean the gutters

Moisture is the number one problem when maintaining a home. It is best to keep it away from your foundation, so keeping your gutters clear of debris in the fall will help prevent ice from building up in the winter. Keeping them clear will also help prevent fire damage to your home.

4 – Plant a tree

Since trees are dormant in the Fall, it’s a great time to plant one, and easier on the root system. Find a spot that can help block wind in the winter and provide shade during the hot summer months to lower your energy bills.

5 – Organize the garage

Bikes, lawn tools, and pool supplies are probably overtaking your garage. Organize your garage so you can fit your car (and other things) in it during the winter. There are some great shelving options and hooks, and other items that utilize space well. Plus, you can leave the garage door open and enjoy the weather as you work!