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Your Complete Home Maintenance Checklist for Summer

Your Complete Home Maintenance Checklist for Summer

Left unchecked, freely running water can tear through the structure of your home and create the perfect conditions for mold, especially with the oncoming warmth of summer. Protect your home by following this quick list of summer maintenance checks that you can do in just a single day.

Inspect Smoke Alarms

Maintaining active and effective hazard sensors is imperative for the safety of the people in your home and the prevention of serious destruction to your property. The heat of summer can dry out the area and make it easier for fires to spring up and burn through your home. Take all of your smoke alarms and run active tests to make sure they are working. Batteries should be changed every 6 months, so if this hasn’t been done — now is a good time to do so.

Check for Leaks throughout the Home

Water damage inside of the home is frequently caused by water that we bring into the house by choice. The wonder liquid is always circling through the pipes in your home’s restoration, and occasionally those pipes will develop leaks from basic wear and tear on the plumbing system.

Clean Your Roof and Gutters

Summer is frequently the wettest time of the year, and all that water that lands on your home has to go somewhere. If your gutters aren’t draining properly, the water that collects on the roof may seep through the tiling and soak into the ceiling. Left unchecked, your roof may develop serious structural damage, and the water can leak through to cause more damage inside the home.


You may especially want to cut back any plants that are growing above the roof or anything with thick roots that is growing too close to the building. If you have a septic system, pay special attention to any plants that are growing within a few yards of your drain field. Trees and tall bushes with extensive roots may block portions of the drain field, creating a cascade of faults in the septic system that results in overflowing tubs and drains.

Check for Existing Water Damage

Water has a way of sneaking into your home and causing damage where you least expect it, and summer is the perfect time to check every nook and cranny for signs of water damage. If you’re not sure where to look, check out our home buyer’s guide to inspecting for water damage.

Prevent Water Damage

If you do find signs of damage, contact the water damage restoration experts at Mr. Restore immediately. Acting quickly will give you the best chance to preserve the integrity of your home. A professional water damage restoration expert knows how to extract the water from your home to prevent further damage and return existing problems to their original condition.