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What to Expect with Wind Damage in Irving, TX

Violent winds can have a serious impact on your home or business. Catastrophic winds during a storm can tear the roofs off residential and commercial buildings, uproot trees and vegetation, and decimate entire structures.

Winds can not only damage a property, but they can potentially be life-threatening. The impact can be as minor as a broken flowerpot, or as severe as a missing roof. As such, it’s important to familiarize yourself with keeping yourself and others protected during these storms. Below, this wind damage restoration company in Irving, Texas is going to review some of the main things you should know.

Understanding Alerts

For smartphone users, the easiest way to keep track of weather conditions in their area is to download a weather app on their phone and stay abreast of the alerts.

For others, keep a watch for alerts like High Wind Watch, High Wind Warning, Wind Advisory, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Dust Storm Warning, and Hurricane Force Wind. These specify of the intensity of the winds in a particular area. You can click here for a breakdown of each category.

Wind Safety

Possessions are replaceable — lives are not. When there are wind warnings in your area, you should expect the worse. Wind damage is equivalent to any other kind of natural disaster. So, make sure you have an emergency plan put in place ahead of time.

Get yourself, your friends or family, and the pets indoors. If outdoors, get to safety and protect yourself from the dangers of being blown away or hit by flying objects.

If you ever get stuck driving in high winds, you should stay calm, watch your speed, keep space between other vehicles, park at a lot, and wait for the winds to settle. If you find downed power lines or poles, don’t get near them and report to the local electrical authorities.

Prepare Your Property

Get everyone inside, secure loose items outside, park your vehicles in the garage, and latch all doors, windows, and storm shutters.

Keep an emergency kit handy if you are in a storm-prone region like Irving, Texas. Irving hasn’t reported any fatalities in all these years, yet it is best to stay prepared.

When the storm season is imminent, tidy up your yard, trees, and areas around the property. Take inventory of your belongings to file a claim, if needed. Have the roof inspected and schedule necessary repairs. Install storm shutters, seal cracks, and ensure the insulation is adequate.

What to Do Following a Windstorm

If fierce winds have hit you, and after winds clear, make sure everyone’s safe and assess the damage to your property. Keep the vulnerable individuals away, look for hazards, and document all damage in pictures, writing, or videos. Contact your insurance company. They can provide direction as to your next steps and what is covered.

After a windstorm strikes, you can get in touch with a reputable wind damage restoration company in Irving, Texas to repair your property. They can help you get your home or business to its original condition and be of great help during these challenging times.

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