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Wind Damage Restoration in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

As a local wind damage restoration service provider operating in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas areas for the last five decades, we understand how extreme weather in the state can be devastating. Fierce winds are all the more damaging, as these present a serious threat to homes and buildings. Thus, it’s important to protect your property against wind damage and be prepared to take prompt action after violent winds strike.

If your home or business has sustained wind damage recently, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to explain everything you need to know about wind damage restoration in Fort Worth, Texas.

About Wind Damage

Intense winds can wreak havoc to an extent that you might have never imagined. Uprooted landscape, crashed structures, and flying debris can all spell unpredictable destruction and chaos. In most cases, the higher the wind speed, the greater the damage. Wind speed between 25 and 40 mph may be a moderate hazard. However, anything above 58 mph is considered highly dangerous.

Property Damage

Roofs are highly susceptible to wind damage, especially when you lack in your maintenance efforts. The shingles may rip off, or the roof edges may be impacted, allowing water and other debris to end up inside. The next most vulnerable components are windows and doors. These are vulnerable openings that could take on damage during the storm, letting wind and rain indoors and leading to hefty structural damage. Also, outdoor furniture, landscaping, and other items outside the house may be left susceptible.

Financial Loss

Wind damage remains long after the winds have passed. While most insurance companies will cover the damage, there are a number of exclusions that may apply. For instance, a worn-out roof, or one that’s nearing the end of its lifespan, may not be covered in your insurance policy. You might have to pay for the damage, in part or in full, which could end up being a significant expense.

Wind Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Once the winds settle, you should immediately begin with the cleanup and restoration work. Depending on the extent of the damage, restoration can take days, weeks, or sometimes months. Immediately following a windstorm, make sure all the occupants of your home are safe, and do not leave the home before the local authorities give you the green light. Next, you’ll want to inspect your property — take pictures, document videos, and take note of all the details to prepare your insurance claim. Inform your insurance company of the damages once you have a clear understanding of the scope of damage. Finally, contact a 24-hour emergency service provider in Fort Worth, Texas to begin the repair process.

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your damage restoration work. Only a professional, reliable, local, and experienced company should be handling these types of projects. We see so many fly-by-night companies appear after a significant windstorm. They offer too good to be true quotes, and several property owners fall prey to their service estimates. However, someone who’s licensed, insured, and knows the ins and out of the community is one who can offer the best results.

Contact Mr. Restore for All Your Dallas and Fort Worth Wind Damage Restoration Needs

At Mr. Restore, we’re a locally owned and operated restoration company with more than 50 years of service in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. When you experience wind damage in your home or commercial property, you’ll find us nearby and ready to help. We specialize in carefully and quickly cleaning up and repairing the damage to prevent further inconvenience. Our professional services will help you get back to your daily operations as soon as possible.

Contact us and get help within minutes. We’re the premier and most trusted wind damage restoration service provider in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. You can always count on us to get the job done right!