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Areas Susceptible to Flood Damage in Plano, TX

In any home, flood damage can happen at any time. Flood damage in Plano, TX,  is different from regular water damage since the water tends to collect in that area. It also causes considerably more damage and can be a source of hazard to your health. Not to mention that flooding can also result in structural damage to the house. While it might seem that the flooding is occurring without any rhyme or reason, if you pay close attention, you will see that certain areas of your home are more susceptible to flooding. By understanding why these areas are more vulnerable, you can minimize flood damage in Plano, TX,  and get help for it straight away. The following are the most common areas in your home that are more susceptible to flood damage in Plano, TX :

The Bathroom

Flooding in the bathroom is very common, and if you have a faulty one, it can frequently happen too. A major reason for this is that there are different sources of water, such as the sink, the bathtub, showers, and even the toilet. When all these water sources are in a small area, like the bathroom, you will likely experience flooding. Bathtubs are more likely to cause flooding since people can leave the tap running. While they wait for the tub to fill up, a person can become distracted by a phone call which could cause the water to overflow and flood. Blocked pipes or a broken toilet can also cause water to collect in the bathroom. The dangers of flood damage in Plano, TX,  are increased when the bathroom is on the upper floor. This means that the water will seep into the floor, which will be the roof of the level below. In this case, damage to the walls will also be done.

The Basement

Basements are some of the most common areas of the home that can become flooded with water. Heavy rainfall or even melting snow can cause water to pool into a basement. If you live near lakes or rivers, there is a high chance that rainstorms can cause water to flood the surrounding areas, particularly your home. However, basements aren’t just in danger of acquiring flood damage in Plano, TX,  from external sources. Internally, there are many pipelines that run through the basement. Some basements also house the septic tank or appliances such as the washing machine. These can either malfunction or break down, flooding the basement with water. Water damage in these areas is more pronounced because it can sometimes be overlooked. Water also has a higher chance of seeping into the walls. Cracks can also form in the foundation, leading to structural damage to the building. Additionally, not everyone checks up on the basement frequently. Even unnoticed leaks can lead to water pooling or collecting in some areas of the basement.

The Attic

Roof damage can leave your home vulnerable to many things, including attic flooding. This usually occurs when heavy rainfall, melting snow, or a pipeline in the attic has been damaged. A leak in the roof is also not always caught immediately. For many people, it is only when the flood damage in Plano, TX,  becomes pronounced that they realize the attic has collected a lot of moisture. Improper maintenance of the roof is also responsible for the flooding of the attic. In many cases, a clogged gutter in the roof will cause water to pool and collect on the roof. This will eventually seep into the attic. If you have a lot of heavy rainfall, it is possible that you will get a lot of water collecting in your attic. The good news here is that flood damage in Plano, TX to the attic is easy to catch in its early stages. Additionally, proper maintenance of the roof and the gutters, in particular, will greatly decrease the chances of flood damage here.

Other Areas that Can Get Flood Damage in Plano, TX

Despite the fact that certain areas in your home are more susceptible to flooding, you should always be on the lookout for signs. The earlier you detect them, the better your chances of recovery. Flood and water damage can occur in areas such as the following ones:

  • Areas with Water-Based Appliances – The kitchen and the laundry room should be given a good maintenance check, particularly for the health of the appliances. Flood damage in Plano, TX,  can occur from malfunctioning appliances. It is very easy for the washer and dishwasher to flood and dump a lot of dirty, soapy water on the floor. The humidity in these areas is also high, which can cause the growth of mold here.
  • AC Units – If you have different AC units in rooms, always make sure that the water pipe it has is properly draining. The condensation from these units has to be drained away properly. If it collects in a certain area, it can cause a lot of water damage which can often go unnoticed. Additionally, ensure that if the water pipe goes outside, it does not leak directly on the walls or near the foundation.

In any scenario, if you see signs of flood damage in Plano, TX, you need to call in the experts. The extensive damage is usually difficult to correct on your own. By calling the experts immediately, you also improve your chances of repairing the damage without any problems.

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