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What to Do When Facing Storm Damage

What to Do When Facing Storm Damage

When severe storms strike, they can do serious damage, creating leaky roofs and broken roofs that can lead to water damage in your home. When this happens, you need to work quickly to prevent further damage. That means you need to assess the damage as soon as possible and make a report to your insurance company.

But there are some things you should know about storm damage before you begin the process.

Don’t Assume There’s No Damage

Not all storm damage is immediately noticeable. This is frequently the case in hail storms, where you might assume the hailstones were too small to create any damage. The truth is hail can weaken your roof even if you don’t see any missing or damaged shingles.

Contact a Restoration Company

If you have damage to your home, contact a restoration company to help repair structure and contents damage. These professionals know how to handle storm damage to prevent further problems in the future. If you need restoration services, be sure to document your damaged items with photos for the insurance company. You have a right to decide which restoration company you will use to repair the storm damage to your home but choose wisely since you may be working with them for a while. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Most reputable restoration companies belong to the Better Business Bureau and one or more trade organizations.
  • Visit their website, check reviews, and their social media pages to see what customers are saying about the company.
  • When the restoration company arrives, they should inspect all areas of suspected damage and document as much as possible. Ask for an estimate of the job before you authorize them to begin work.

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Notify the Insurance Company

Call your insurance company ASAP and give them details of the day and time of the storm as well as the suspected damage. They will let you know what the next steps are and let you know what needs to be done to move forward. You can let them know which restoration company you have chosen, and they will work with them to get the process started.

Document Everything

Take photos of any visible damage with your phone if you can. If you are using a digital camera, make sure the time stamp on the photo appears in the metadata. This will verify the time you shot the photo and document it for insurance purposes.

Create a folder and save all receipts; note any contact between you and the insurance company, including names of people you talked to and the dates and times of each call. If you correspond via email, save a copy for your records.

As a Mr. Restore customer, we will take care of all of your photos and documentation for the insurance company.