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What to Do If Your House Floods in Norman, OK

A flooded house is an extremely stressful situation that often costs homeowners thousands of dollars in property damage. Not only can a home flood due to a natural disaster, but also broken waterlines, or burst pipes. In these situations, structural damage is one of the biggest concerns. However, with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to navigate the situation as best as possible.

When dealing with a flooded house, the cleanup process is best left to the professionals. They will be able to efficiently remove water, use professional-grade equipment to dry out the affected areas, disinfect the necessary spaces, and restore the damage. Below, we’re going to discuss the things you should do after your house floods, and we’ll also explain how a water damage restoration company in Norman, Oklahoma can help you save time, money, and energy.

Plan Ahead

You shouldn’t wait until a flood arrives — it’s better to be prepared beforehand. This includes watching out for roof leaks and fixing them in time, keeping the drainage system clean and free from debris or fallen leaves, and making sure the downspouts lead water away from your home’s foundation.

Act Fast

Following a flood, knowledgeable water damage restoration companies in Norman, Oklahoma always suggest acting fast to avoid further damage. If your home floods, especially in the basement, it’s important that you shut off the power right away to avoid an electrical hazard. If the water entered while you were away or sleeping, contact your local utility company to cut the power to your home as soon as possible.

Assess Your Safety

Before calling a flood damage restoration company in Norman, Oklahoma, make sure you are in a safe place, and make sure all your loved ones are out of danger. Find a high ground, or evacuate if the water is continuously occupying your space.

Document the Damage

If the property is safe to enter, and if you have a homeowner’s insurance policy (along with flood coverage), make sure you document any damage. Do not go straight into cleaning up the damage, and do not try to fix anything right away, as it could potentially impact your insurance claim.

Take pictures, record videos, and make note of any relevant details so that you can get the compensation you are owed. Once done, report the damages to the insurance company. A reputable water damage restoration company in Norman, Oklahoma can help you identify and document any damages before the restoration work begins.

Flood Clean Up

When it’s time to clean up, your Norman flood damage restoration company will begin by removing any items. Next, they will start removing any standing water from the home. They will properly ventilate the rooms, run dehumidifiers, and bring in industrial-sized fans to dry out the property. They will also clean and sterilize all the surfaces with an antibacterial disinfectant, and they will deodorize the area of any foul smells.

Rebuild & Restore

When your house floods, it often leaves you with damaged walls, paint, flooring, etc. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might need significant repairs or a rebuild. You might be able to fix some things on your own, but it’s best to work with a professional water damage restoration company in Norman, Oklahoma for any substantial damages.

Are You Looking for a Water Damage Restoration Company in Norman, Oklahoma?

If you need help with water damage cleanup after your home floods, we can help. As the top-rated water damage restoration company in Norman, Oklahoma, our experts can get your flood-damaged home back to its near-original condition as quickly as possible. Contact the team at Mr. Restore today to get the assistance you need.

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