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What to Do if a Home You Want to Buy Has Water Damage

What to Do if a Home You Want to Buy Has Water Damage

Purchasing a new home comes with a certain amount of risk. If you have decided to buy a home that has water damage, keep in mind that this damage can lead to serious problems, such as structural issues, or cause health problems if you have mold growth.

In order to lower the risk of developing major problems, it’s crucial to have water damage restoration performed as soon as possible. These are the steps you should take if your new home has sustained damage from leaks or other water problems.

Get an Inspection

An inspection can reveal the full extent of water damage. This damage might not be noticeable on the surface, so it’s important to have a thorough inspection done. Your new home might have rotting wood inside the walls or mold growing in hard-to-reach areas. A home inspection lets you know how much damage there is, where it is and what caused it.

You might have to schedule a second inspection with a professional who knows how to spot mold. Regular home inspectors might not always be able to notice it in areas that are not easily accessible.

Look Into Water Damage Restoration

Plan on having water damage fixed by a company that offers restoration services. These services can repair the damage caused by leaks, floods, and other water problems.

Have your new home evaluated, and ask for an estimate from the company on how much it will cost. If you have not bid on the home yet, consider this cost before submitting one. The bid should be lower than you had initially planned if there is extensive water damage.

If you already bought the home, have the restoration company take the necessary steps to evaluate the damage. This might mean opening up walls in order to inspect drywall or wood for damage or to check for mold.

Take Preventative Steps

Even after water damage is fixed, it’s important to take measures to prevent additional damage from occurring. Restoration services can lower the risk of having more damage or secondary damage occur while repairing the cause of the damage, such as plumbing issues, can also prevent this from happening.

If your home is in a flood-prone area, having a battery-powered pump on hand can reduce damage, and purchasing insurance can help lower the cost of any necessary repairs or restoration services.

When you need water damage restoration services, contact Mr. Restore. We offer dependable restoration services for residential properties. We can perform an evaluation and thoroughly fix water damage in your home.