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What to Do After Flood Damage in Dallas, TX

Floods are common in Dallas, TX, but unfortunately, the resulting damage is the least predictable. Sometimes you only lose items like appliances, carpets, or rugs; at other times, the damages add up to thousands of dollars. What makes the situation worse is the fact that mold can develop easily, exposing you to various health issues. So how do you mitigate all the risks involved? What should your action plan be after a flood in Dallas, TX? Avail Mr. Restore's services related to flood damage in Dallas, TX, and we'll put your home back in order again. Reach out to us as soon as you can so that we can take steps to protect your health and implement measures to prevent further damage. That being said, let us take a look at some essential steps to perform after flood damage in Dallas, TX, and what we'd expect of you as we work to resolve the issue.

Ensuring the safety of your building after flood damage in Dallas, TX

Your building can be affected to a varying extent depending on the intensity of the flood. As part of our services related to flood damage in Dallas, TX, we'll assess the building and ensure that it is structurally safe. We'll check your floors and walls and ascertain that they aren't buckled. We'll also be on the lookout for newly occurred holes in the wall and floors, shards of broken glass, and other dangerous debris left behind after flood damage in Dallas, TX.

Dealing with water damage

Water restoration services are often required, along with flood damage in Dallas, TX. Flood water is contaminated with so many pollutants and sewage, paving way for infections and health issues. While we will be extracting water from the site and trying to get done with the process at the earliest, it would still take us some time, depending on the severity of the flood. We remove water from your home gradually and drain the area in distinguishing phases. If we do this too quickly, your floor and walls can buckle. Generally, we drain around one-third of the water, but this depends on the severity of the damage involved. Our team removes standing water using pumps, whereas the rest of the water is mopped with a shop vacuum.

Cleaning up after flood damage in Dallas, TX

As we carry at work on your site, we'll maintain good hygiene levels, ensuring that flood water doesn't come in contact with anything else. We have all the equipment necessary for dealing with flood damage in Dallas, TX, such as submersible pumps, shop vacuums, dehumidifiers, and heaters. Our expert team pays attention to all the details, eliminating the risks involved one by one.

Managing power and electrical appliances

  • If you couldn't turn off the main switch before the flood struck, then don't do it until a qualified electrician has assessed your power system.
  • Don't use any appliances after flood damage in Dallas, TX. We'll inspect all of them and see to what extent they have been affected by water. We'll dry them up and then hand them back to you. If you switch on an appliance and it still retains water from flood damage in Dallas, TX, then it'll expose you to a risk of fire and shock.
  • We'll also dry up your main electric panel, clean it out and test it to ensure safety.
  • Avoid using electrical outlets, fuse breaker panels, switch boxes, and other affected appliances until we have inspected them.
  • Considering your water heaters, furnaces, freezers, and refrigerators, they can either be repaired or replaced, depending on the intensity of the damage.

Please note that if you don't follow the above guidelines for entering your home after flood damage in Dallas, TX, you're not only exposing yourself to risks but other people around you as well.

Dealing with your heating systems

  • Just like your appliances, you should also avoid using your sewage, pressure heating and cooling system after flood damage in Dallas, TX, until we have cleaned and dried them properly.
  • Don't turn on your heating system until we're done with the process and have removed all water. If you still have to, then don't increase the temperature beyond 4 degrees centigrade.
  • Get your heating systems inspected and maintained before using them after flood damage in Dallas, TX. There may be a need to replace the motor, control unit, and switches if they are completely wet.
  • We'll either clean your flood-affected ducts or replace them, depending on the damage.
  • If your heaters and pumps operate on gasoline or propane, install carbon monoxide sensors. After  flood damage in Dallas, TX, these devices are prone to producing carbon dioxide in even greater quantities, especially if ventilation isn't proper or if they haven't been well maintained.

Re-entering the home

Please don't return to your home unless we deem it safe to do so. We'll first inspect your house after the flood damage in Dallas, TX  and then we'll let you know when you can step back onto your property again.

Handling paperwork

We'll capture all details of the flood damage in writing and take photos and videos as evidence. After a complete inspection of your house, we'll evaluate the costs involved and then reach out to your insurance provider for the claim process.

Extra Guidelines

  • If any valuable documents in the house have been affected by flood damage in Dallas, TX, try keeping them in a freezer. Once we've completed the cleanup, we'll put these documents in an acceptable condition once again.
  • Don't drink tap water unless it has been tested. If you have a well, then also you can't drink the water unless it has been checked for contaminants.
  • Discard insulation materials, mattresses, pillows, stuffed toys, and furniture coverings if they came in contact with the floodwater.
  • Please keep your children away from the site. It's best if you leave them at a friend's house until your home has been restored.

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