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Fire Damage Restoration Services in Dallas, TX

It doesn’t seem like a very pleasant thing to say, but all those who have experienced a fire at home must know that the aftermath of a fire is extremely overwhelming. It takes courage to deal with the damage and loss caused by the fire. Unfortunately, if you delay fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX, the destruction from smoke will continue to escalate. In short, the more time you take to address the damage done, the more repairs you will have to take care of. Or in other words, the more you delay the necessary repairs, the more money you will have to spend on the restoration. You can save yourself a lot of fatigue if you call in a reputable fire damage restoration service in Dallas, TX, and take the mandatory steps to bring your home back to its normal state. Most people take it upon themselves to deal with the losses incurred by the fire. However, that’s not at all recommended. You cannot deal with all the destruction caused by the smoke on your own. So, the first important thing you must do after accepting the tragic reality is to call a fire restoration contractor who can assess the extent of the damage, give you an estimate, and start the restoration work.

Finding a Reliable Fire Restoration Company

The best way to find a trustworthy service for fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX, is through your home insurance company. Call the company, tell them about the fire, and ask them if they could recommend a reliable service in your area. Or you can contact a service that you already know about. But the one thing that you need to make sure of is that you hire a fire restoration company that is certified, licensed, and reliable in order to prevent your house from further loss and destruction. The biggest benefit of hiring a service for fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  is that these people are trained to deal with such kind of damage. They will offer several services required for initial cleanup that only trained servicemen can offer. Following are the services provided by fire damage restoration companies.

1. Repairing the Damaged Walls

Even if the fire didn’t harm the walls, wallpaper, and paint, the smoke will. If the damage done by the smoke isn’t very serious, then scrubbing the walls with bleach and detergents would do the trick. But you can’t do this on your own because the soot from smoke is greasy, and it will have to be dusted before scrubbing it clean. Repainting the smoke-stained walls is not a very good idea. First, all the walls must be cleaned before you can paint them afresh.

2. Dealing with Mold and Mildew

When firemen try to extinguish the fire by throwing water at it, they allow another problem to arise. That problem is mold and mildew. And it needs to be taken care of immediately before it can pose severe health problems and contaminate carpets, clothing, walls, vents, mattresses, and furniture. Luckily, fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  includes dealing with mold and mildew by airing out every room and cleaning all the filters and vents.

3. Cleaning Carpet and Flooring

The carpet will absorb all the water that was used in extinguishing the fire. If the smoke and fire haven’t ruined your carpet, it is highly recommended that these carpets be lifted and replaced as soon as possible. If you have vinyl or hardwood flooring at your home, then chances are that the water might have seeped underneath the flooring, and this will have to be cleaned. You can’t do this task alone unless you have some experience dealing with damaged flooring. It’s best to call in a reliable service for fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  to deal with the damage.

4. Managing Clothing

This is perhaps the most difficult thing to deal with after the fire. The problem is that you can’t wash your smoke-stained and greasy clothes at home. It will ruin your machine. Thus, dry cleaning is the best option you have. With all the greasy soot on your clothes, dry cleaning will only wash your clothes if you have any experience washing smoke-stained clothing. Fortunately, if you hire services for fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX, they also offer to clean your clothing as well, which is a major relief!

5. Cleaning Crockery

Just like clothing, cleaning dishes and other crockery is another important service provided by fire restoration companies. The smoke gets to all your crockery and has to be washed to keep it from contaminating your food and affecting your health. Aside from these major services, companies that provide fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  also offer you help in the following ways:

  • Trying to save as many electronic appliances and other personal belongings as they can.
  • Document everything that’s being taken out of your house to calculate the total loss incurred in the fire. The servicemen also take pictures for visual evidence.
  • Once the fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX  is complete, the company will return any salvageable furniture or appliance they could save.
  • All in all, companies that provide fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  try to work as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your home without any unnecessary delay.

Fire restoration companies do everything in their power to restore your house back to livable condition. They stay in contact with you to make sure all the repairs are up to the mark, and they also help with other problems that you might face after settling into your house again. Fire damage restoration is tricky because some damage is visible, like discoloration of ceilings and smoke stains on walls, but some damage is almost invisible, like odors trapped in air conditioner vents. This is why professional help is recommended. If you’re seeking help for fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX, then get in touch with Mr. Restore  today for first-rate fire restoration services.

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