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What is a Storm Damage Assessment in Frisco, TX?

Texas storms can put your property at a great risk of damage. The state experiences a fair share of inclement conditions throughout the year. Unfortunately, these extreme weather changes often result in storm damage, which can cause a wide range of structural problems at your property.

If your Frisco home is damaged during a storm, it is strongly recommended that you schedule a professional storm damage assessment. This will help you determine the extent of damage, the repairs and replacements that need to be made, and more.

Below, this storm damage restoration company in Frisco, Texas is going to explain why you should schedule a damage assessment as soon as possible after a severe storm.

What Is a Storm Assessment & Why Is It Important?

First things first, following a storm, you will want to schedule a professional assessment to determine the type of damage the property has sustained. You might wonder what could have gone wrong besides a bit of exterior damage. However, a storm can cause a lot more damage than you might imagine. There can be wind, water, electrical, structural, and lightning damage. Neglected maintenance can also be one of the reasons leading to storm-associated losses.

A professional storm damage restoration company in Frisco, Texas will be able to identify the different sources of damage and prepare an accurate quote. There can also be times when the assessor determines that the property was already in bad shape, and the storm only accelerated the process. It can change the estimates and the direction taken.

A professional will inspect the roof, construction defects, electrical system, and HVAC system. They will also look for signs of flood damage, lack of maintenance, damaged exterior components, and foundational damage. It helps calculate your total losses, check the property’s overall safety, and compute repair expenses. All in all, the assessor distinguishes the facts from assumptions and guides you on the next steps. It also helps to settle your insurance claims and get you justified compensation from your insurance provider.

Frisco residents should also remain vigilant before a storm hits. When you know a storm is imminent, it’s best that you take the proper steps to reduce your risks. Reinforce the property’s safety and always keep a detailed account of your belongings. Take photographs of all areas to prove what your property looked like prior to the storm in case you experience huge losses.

Can You Leave Storm Damage Unaddressed?

As any Frisco storm damage restoration company will tell you, Texas storms can spell disaster for a home. The cost of leaving storm damage unaddressed can be immense. Weakened roofing, decaying siding, cracked foundation, and mold growth are just a few issues that can impact your property. Storm damage spreads swiftly, leading to an unsafe environment while decreasing property values.

With that said, it is best to address repairs early on and before they become worse. A reputable storm damage restoration company in Frisco, Texas will be able to help with this.

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A storm damage assessment does not have to be a difficult process. When you partner with a licensed and experienced company, they can eliminate any stress from the process.

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