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Insurance Coverage for Water Damage in Dallas, TX

One of the major silver linings that homeowners find with water damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  is that their home insurance will cover it. Based on the damage’s extent and condition, a person can easily lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in restoration. With insurance, one can breathe a sigh of relief that their bank balance will not suffer because of the repairs they have to get done. However, don’t be so quick to rely on your insurance. Not all of them offer coverage relating to water damage. In fact, even the plans that do cover water damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  will have limitations. It should come as no surprise that water damage claims are some of the most common ones that home insurance companies face. On an annual basis, water damage insurance claims come up to a total of $3.4 billion. To make sure that they are only dealing with genuine cases, water damage insurance companies offer limited insurance plans. The following are the areas that your insurance plan usually covers when it comes to water damage restoration in Dallas, TX :

Sewer Backup

This is the kind of water damage they show in sitcoms where water bubbles out of the toilet, the sink, or the bathtub. It might be funny when seen on TV, but it is very unpleasant, not to mention unsanitary, when it happens at home. A blockage can cause water to build up in the pipelines. With no way to go forward, the collected water will flow back out. Mostly, this water is polluted with sewage and other chemicals, so it should not be handled on your own. Sometimes, the blockage is not caused by you and could be an issue with the city’s main pipes. Nonetheless, getting professional services for water damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  is necessary to rectify this situation. All sewer backup should be addressed quickly since it has a high probability of being a health hazard for others.

Flood Damage

When it comes to your insurance plan, you will see that there is a marked difference between natural flood damage and flood damage done from water indoors. Most home insurance does not cover water damage caused by an internal source such as a burst pipe. Even if you are standing in two feet of water, you won’t qualify for flood damage. This isn’t because it isn’t covered in your plan. This is only a difference in identification. Internal flooding will often be classified as water damage and processed under that term. For natural flood damage claims, you must also pay attention to other circumstances, such as “Were other homes impacted?” The source of the water and the extent of the damage, as well as the services for water damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  will all be carefully scrutinized before a person will be able to qualify for their claim.

Overflow Water Damage

This kind of water damage occurs from overflowing appliances, such as when the dishwasher and washing machine suddenly dump soapy water on the floor. Overflow relates to water that is escaping from these appliances. Burst pipes or other issues in the restoration that result in water being dumped on the surroundings also come under this insurance plan. This scenario is also different from seepage and water leaks since these are not only slow but are easier to detect. Based on how quickly you identify it, water damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  is faster and, at times, cheaper for leaks. If you’re still confused about which areas your insurance plan covers, give the company a call to discuss it with them. You can always add more or change your plan’s coverage according to your needs.

Filing for Your Claim Successfully

If you have faced water damage and feel you qualify for the insurance claim, you still have to ensure that you meet all the criteria. The following are some major steps that you need to focus on when filing an insurance claim for water damage restoration in Dallas, TX :

It Has to be Accidental

One of the major factors for water damage insurance plans is that it has to be accidental. Suppose the damage occurred because of negligence, overlooking regular maintenance, or some other factors that are the fault of the homeowner. In that case, it is possible that the claim will not be processed. Water damage caused by circumstances beyond someone’s control is more readily covered and accepted in water damage insurance plans.

Requires Evidence

Always make sure that you have the right evidence to show along with your insurance claim. Always take pictures before any measures are applied for water damage restoration in Dallas, TX. This strengthens your claim and shows the extent of the overall damage. Needing evidence helps solidify your claim and saves your insurance company time processing. In some cases, they might consider running an independent investigation to verify the claim but not always.

Repairs Must be Done by Experts

One of the major clauses for insurance plan claims is that water damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  must be done by experts. The plan will not cover DIY solutions and remedies. Some insurance companies even have a list of approved experts, but they are usually happy with experts with a stellar rating in the marketplace. When you pay attention to these three major points, filing a claim for water damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  becomes much easier and feasible.

Work with the Experts

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