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How to Tell If Water Damage Is New or Old?

Water plays an indispensable role in our lives, but it can also be a nuisance. A perfect example of this is when water creates a severe problem at your home. When you notice water damage in your home, it can be difficult to identify whether the damage is fresh, or if it’s been there for a while.

It’s important to figure out whether the water damage is new or old before you decide on the next steps. To help you out with this, our water damage restoration experts in Arlington, Texas are going to explain how you can gage the degree of damage and determine how quickly it needs to be restored.

Water Damage – Is It New or Old?

Water damage can happen anywhere, anytime, and due to numerous reasons. If harder materials like wood, cabinet, or composites are water damaged, the signs may take much longer to show. But with softer materials like fabric or carpets, the impact may show up quickly. Water damage usually leaves dark brown or yellowish and white stains and is most visible towards the ground or walls and ceilings. The color of the stains depends on the type and time of damage.

More than anything else, preventing damage starts with knowing what to look for to get it fixed. Here are three major signs that can help you prevent further water damage in Arlington, Texas:


Lighter materials and areas like drywall or wooden floors may form a ring by water damage that is old. These rings are nothing but circular stains and discoloration patches in the affected areas. It happens because water gets absorbed in the building material that gradually starts to lose its strength. If you happen to find small or big water rings on walls, this means the damage might be sitting there for quite a long time. Water damage restoration experts in Arlington, Texas can help you devise a practical plan of action.


Areas that may be recently damaged might feel damp upon touching but not soft. Since water takes time to penetrate the material and destroy its integrity, it would take much longer to soften the affected area. If the spot feels moist but stable and you smell musty odors frequently, the chances are it isn’t old damage and can be fixed by professionals. You may also observe bubbling, cracking, or peeling paint or wallpaper, indicating a wet wall. Materials like tiles wouldn’t soften whatsoever. Instead, they may start to crack or chip, which indicates a longer sitting damage.

Mold Growth

The presence of mold can reveal a lot about the level of water damage in your Arlington, Texas home. Mold develops on the site of the damage within 24 to 48 hours. In fact, it can grow on any surface or material, and black mold is most commonly found in water-damaged areas. You can also see grey or blue mold on the walls, inside the cracks, or under carpeting. Excessive mold growth means water damage may be older than 24 to 48 hours. Again, this is a vital sign that can help you identify whether water damage is new or old.

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