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Understanding Water Damage and Your AC Unit in Dallas Texas

Summertime in Dallas, Texas, means our AC units are working overtime to keep you and your home cool in the heat. What many people don't realize, however, is that when their AC unit leaks or malfunctions, it can lead to serious water damage around their home. Considering your AC unit is likely outside, and out of your everyday view, it is easy to forget about it. Water damage caused by your AC unit can lead to costly repairs and a few days without air conditioning. There is also the question of what is covered under your insurance when the AC unit malfunctions and causes water damage to your home. Understanding how your AC unit may cause water damage, what your insurance will and will not cover, and how to prevent a broken AC unit will save you time, money, and help keep you and your family cool all summer in Dallas' heat.

How Will My AC Unit Cause Water Damage?

When an AC unit breaks, it causes water to leak from the condensation the AC unit creates. This water will then seep into your home, causing serious water damage to your walls, carpet, flooring, and possibly furniture. This water damage can also lead to mold and challenge the structural integrity of the wood and other building materials. If you do notice a leak in your AC unit has caused water damage, contact us immediately to assess the water damage. An AC unit can break or malfunction for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common are:

  • Clogged condensate line
  • Damage caused by outside forces (something hitting it, struck by lightning)
  • Faulty condensate pump
  • Damaged evaporator coil
  • Dirty unit filter
  • Cracked drain pan
  • Condensation buildup in ductwork

Routine maintenance checks will help ensure that your AC unit is running appropriately for the summer heat in Dallas, Texas. We cover more of this below.

What Will My Insurance Cover?

The short answer is: to check your insurance policy. Some insurance agencies will cover the water damage that was caused by the faulty AC unit based on your deductible but will not cover replacing the unit itself, depending on what caused the damage. Some of the main reasons your insurance company will not cover replacing your unit would be:

  • The AC unit was not properly maintained and broke due to old age
  • The unit broke due to it not being cleaned properly (debris inside)
  • The warranty has run out
  • The unit was not installed properly
  • The wrong size was purchased

Many times, the insurance company will cover replacing your unit if the damage was caused by a fire, water damage from your home, vandalism, or a serious storm. If you are in doubt, be sure to contact your insurance agent to discuss the specifics of your policy and deductible. When you contact Mr. Restore about the water damage caused by the broken AC unit, we will work with your insurance provider and walk you through the entire claims process. We have over 50 years of experience with insurance companies and have working relationships with all carriers. How can I Prevent Water Damage Caused by My AC Unit? In order to prevent water damage caused by a broken AC unit, it is important to keep up with maintenance. With the unpredictable weather here in Dallas, be sure you check your AC unit for debris and any damage caused by storms. Be sure to schedule routine inspections of your unit to be sure everything is working properly. This will help catch small problems before they cause serious water damage in the future. You can check the unit filters yourself to ensure they are clean, as well as the condensate lines for leaks. Simple check-ups will help keep everyone cool this summer in the Dallas heat and will help avoid water damage!