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Types of Commercial Storm Damage in Plano, TX

Storms have always been notorious because of the destruction they bring with them. In recent years, these storms have become particularly common and cause serious damage to different types of structures and properties, including commercial establishments. The high winds, heavy snow, precipitation, dampness, and freezing temperatures team up to bring you all the storm damage in Plano, TX. As a commercial property owner, it is important for you to understand the type of storm damage in Plano, TX,  that your property can suffer from if proper precautionary measures are not taken. Knowing about possible damages will help you prepare yourself for any potential storm and save you from many losses.

Types of Storm Damage in Plano, TX

1. Roofing Problems

The most common type of storm damage in Plano, TX,  comes in the form of roof damage. These damages are associated with winter storms because of high and harsh winds affecting your property's roof. Moreover, they can result in plumbing issues too. If, for example, the winds cause some parts of your roofing system to be torn, they can expose the restoration network in your attic to extreme temperatures. This can easily result in pipe bursts, and such a roof can also welcome more moisture into spaces that should otherwise be dry. Another type of storm damage in Plano, TX,  that affects your roofing system is ice buildup. The snow that falls accumulates on the surface of your roof, and as the weather warms up, the peak begins to fall down. The molten peak, when it reaches the boundaries of the roof, may begin to freeze yet again. This ongoing cycle leads to the formation of ice dams which can accumulate stagnant water on your commercial property.

Collapsed Roofs

Your commercial property is at a higher risk of storm damage in Plano, TX,  resulting in roof collapse during winter storms if it has a flat roof. The accumulation of heavy snow and ice on a flat surface can have the surface gain a lot of extra weight, more than the limits it can bear. This can result in a roof collapse, which will be far-reaching and hefty-costing repairs/losses. Such trampling also can harm anyone who may be inside the structure at that time.

Leaky Roofs

The roof of your commercial property doesn't only get damaged by collapsing but also by leakages cause as a result of storm damage in Plano, TX. These leaks are caused by excessive snow and ice. When a ridge of ice develops on the boundaries of your roof, it can cause ice dams. These ice dams keep the snow and ice that melt from dripping down the roof; consequently, the water finds its way out through the ceiling of your property. Just like other forms of storm damage in Plano, TX, a leaking roof can require a lot of money to be fixed while causing additional damage to your commercial building. They also increase the risk of trips and falls/slips inside the space as your employees and you walk around.

2. Plumbing Issues

The pipes in your restoration framework are at a high risk of freezing when the temperature drops below freezing. This is particularly true for any pipes or restoration networks installed on the exterior walls. If the whole building is not heated up, you are even more prone to getting frozen pipes anywhere on your commercial property. Furthermore, when the liquid gathered in the pipes freezes, it expands. This can result in the formation of cracks which can finally give you big leaks and even floods. This is another type of storm damage in Plano, TX, your property can fall prey to.

Frozen and Burst Pipes

With the increased possibility of the pipes being frozen when the temperature goes down, the problem can become extremely dangerous if not treated in time. While frozen pipes bring sufficient inconvenience to you to act fast, remember that the damage can expand rapidly, and the repairs can end up being very expensive. The damages increase as time passes because when the water held inside pipes expands because of freezing, it continues to expand as long as it is allowed to stay in the same form. Consequently, the pressure buildup of the water frozen inside these pipes becomes too high and causes the pipes to burst. When the pipes burst, the problem is no more frozen pipes or leakage but flooding. This means extensive and expensive damages with high risk to your property and employees.

3. Cosmetic Damage and Cracked Windows

Remember, no storm damage in Plano, TX,  is too minor. Even problems that are seemingly tiny and avoidable can turn out to be very expensive, such as treating broken windows and fixing loosened shingles. In addition, these damages can deteriorate your brand image by giving the impression that the employees are as secure as they should be.

4. Destruction of Company Vehicles

While the storm damage in Plano, TX,  that affect commercial buildings is the main focus here, we cannot neglect how a storm can completely destroy expensive company vehicles that are parked inside. Falling objects due to heavy winds and other wind-blown objects can seriously damage your business's day-to-day operations.

5. Fire Hazard and Lightning

The lightning that strikes during severe storms may result in a fire, some explosions, and other damages to electrical tools and appliances.

6. Ruthless Structural Damage/Building Collapse

If the storm is severe, the storm damages in Plano, TX,  may be too harsh and result in a complete collapse of the commercial building you are running your business on. This can be due to heavy falling objects and/or other things that cause substantial structural damage.

7. Loss of Profits Because of a Temporary Closure of the Business

If the storm damage in Plano, TX leads you to pause your routine operations for a while, the storm has successfully managed to influence the business' bottom line. By dealing with the damages and taking professional help instantly, you may be able to save yourself the loss of profits you'd face otherwise, i.e., if the business becomes non-operational. If you are thinking of having precautionary measures introduced before a storm hits your property or are struggling with storm damage in Plano, TX, Mr. Restore  is waiting to help you out. Visit the website today to learn more and/or to discuss the possibilities!