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Top Causes of Commercial Fires in Dallas, TX

Even with the most reliable fire safety protocols in place, commercial building fires do happen, resulting in losses. These are a serious threat to property and human life. The team at Mr. Restore, a commercial fire damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas, understands how overwhelming the consequences can be. With that said, we are going to discuss five common causes for commercial fires, and what you can do to prevent them.

Causes of Commercial Building Fires

Although there can be several reasons behind commercial fires, the five listed below are identified as the most common ones. If you own or manage a business in Dallas, Texas, fire safety should be a top priority. You’ll need to be aware of any potential threats to your building. Read below to learn about the sources of commercial fires and how you can mitigate your risk.

1. Cooking Incidents

Any business that serves food could catch fire. Cooking at high temperatures, grease, flammable oils, and gas could be a cause. Kitchen appliances can also be a risk. Kitchen fire incidents are common in restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational institutes, and office premises. You should install a fire suppression system and train the employees adequately to prevent a fire from spreading to other parts of the building.

2. Heating Equipment

Overheated mechanical equipment, fireplaces, water heaters, furnaces, or radiators can lead to a fire hazard, primarily in manufacturing facilities, office premises, and restaurants. Heating equipment being risky by nature requires regular maintenance to prevent malfunctioning. Moving all furniture and material away from your HVAC system during winter is another preventive measure.

3. Electrical Issues

Most electrical and lighting equipment inherently carry a fire risk. Overheating issues, imbalanced load, defective or old wiring, loose connections, faulty fuse, and other such problems can lead to sparks and ignite a fire. You should ensure that all electrical units are operational, up-to-date, and adequate for the needs of your facility in Dallas, Texas.

4. Intentional Acts

Deliberate misuse of an electrical source or setting the property on fire is one of the most common fire-starting acts. These tend to cause the most damage in a building and lead to the highest number of injuries or deaths. Committing arson is the most likely reason under this category. While you may not entirely prevent arson, you can adopt measures to limit the destruction. Since intentional acts can take place anywhere, there might be no way to plan for it. Take precautionary steps like including smoke detectors covering the majority of your property, to protect the building.

5. Smoking

It isn’t just the risk of deteriorating health that smoking cigarettes is said to be harmful. It poses a dangerous fire risk to commercial establishments, mainly when disposed of incorrectly. Fortunately, cigarettes today come with a reduced ignition strength, and facility managers are making efforts to secure buildings. However, strict rules must be enforced on the property, and all smoking must occur at a safe distance or with proper systems installed indoors.  You may not completely prevent the risk, but you can reduce it significantly.

Looking for a Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Company in Dallas, Texas?

In the event of a building fire, the consequences can be catastrophic for your business. That’s where we come in — Mr. Restore’s fire damage restoration specialists in Dallas, Texas can thoroughly clean your commercial property with advanced cleaning equipment and products and restore it to a safe and healthy environment.

To get the help you need, or to request a free estimate, contact us and one of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly.

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