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Top Causes of Water Damage

Top Causes of Water Damage

Does your house have an old plumbing system? Do your appliances often suffer from leaks? And let’s not forget the weather here: the extreme cold can cause pipes to burst, and rainwater floods the basement when there are heavy storms. What are the consequences? Water damage. Is this of concern? Not really if you turn to Mr. Restore, a reliable company offering water remediation in Arlington, TX.

Mr. Restore has been providing services related to fire, smoke, storm, and water remediation in Arlington, TX, for the past couple of years. Our expert team has succeeded in satisfying thousands and thousands of clients.

Water damage is a concerning issue and should be tended to at the earliest. Damp and moist places can cause secondary damage -leading to a whole new set of health problems. Should you spot even one sign of water damage, give us a call right away.

Our expert team that handles water remediation in Arlington, TX,  has listed the following as the main causes of water damage:


Does your toilet often drip? Yes, it’s annoying, but not the only issue. Constantly dripping water can ruin the surrounding floors and walls, which can ultimately turn into a major water hazard. So, rather than waiting for this to happen, get your dripping toilets fixed at the earliest.

Washing Machine

Your washing machine completely fills up with water in a short while because the supply lines are pressurized, increasing the flow rate. But if the pipes have worn out due to wear and tear, they may rupture suddenly, flooding your entire laundry room.

Is there prevention, or should you just wait for the worst to happen? Keep a watch out for your plumbing system. Regularly get it inspected, and if you notice any signs of wear and tear, get the system replaced. When you do so, choose braised stainless steel over PVC pipes. The former is a more durable and reliable material.

AC Unit

Is the efficiency of your air conditioning unit optimal? Probably not if it has a hard time keeping the sun outside. Your cooling system tends to pull humidity in the air, condensing it into moisture in the overflow pan. Any water emitting from the system passes through this pane. For efficient AC units, the system works fine, but in other cases, the drainage system stops functioning if the line clogs or the pan is damaged. Consequently, your ceilings and insulation would soak and become damp.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is a common cause of damage, according to our team, who handles water remediation in Arlington, TX. If it stops working for any reason, it often dies down with a splash. Generally, when your garbage disposal approaches the end of its useful life, its bottom housing starts to leak. This dripping water enters your cabinets, where it mixes with the food garbage waste, ultimately leading to water damage.

In rare cases, the disposal may be repaired, but usually, you would have to get it fixed. Let our team dealing with water remediation in Arlington, TX,  inspect your appliance, and accordingly, we’ll suggest you a suitable option.

Water Heater

Our expert team of water remediation in Arlington, TX,  states that cleanup and restoration are the most challenging when the cause of damage is your water heater. Your water heater can suffer from leakage and break down, flooding the basement, where it is generally installed. Condensation can cause leakage, but more often, it is because of a faulty drain valve or outlet.

And by the way, if your unit is older, there is a chance that the entire bottom might leak, flooding your basement entirely. So like with other appliances, replacement may be better than repair here. But you can’t really be sure unless you evaluate a number of factors before deciding.

Burst Pipes

Pipe bursts are common in colder regions, according to our expert team of water remediation in Arlington, TX. Pipes can freeze and burst at simply anytime; there are usually no telltale signs. The only thing that you can do is to be prepared and act quickly because it would only take a couple of hours for the burst to soak your house completely.

Our expert team of water remediation in Arlington, TX,  advises that one of the best ways to prevent pipe bursts is to insulate the plumbing system, especially if the lines are exposed to the outside environment. And do this before temperatures hit the freezing point.


Drains are another component of the plumbing system that tends to stop working abruptly. Unblocking the drain yourself may work, but often, it’s only temporary. So hand over the task to the pros and let them unblock your drain such that the issue doesn’t reoccur.

Sewer Lines

Water damage from sewer lines falls in the third category of water damage, which is the most severe and exposes you to the greatest health risks. The trick to minimizing the risks involved is to quickly get help. Once on-site, we’ll take steps to prevent the contaminants from spreading and quickly deal with the issue.

If you encounter any of these causes, avail our services at Mr. Restore related to water remediation in Arlington, TX, immediately.