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Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim After a Fire

Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim After a Fire

Nearly everyone knows how important fire insurance is to protect their home and belongings. Most, however, don’t expect to be in a position to file a claim. Before experiencing a fire in your home, there are some things you should know about filing a claim.

Contact a Restoration Company

A restoration company will help you begin the process and help with many things that need to be done quickly. Most companies can help with a few tasks and will leave you to do a lot of work on your own. But the State of Texas allows you to choose any restoration company, and we suggest using a full-service option such as Mr. Restore to make it easier on yourself.

Secure the Property

It is your job to prevent further damage to your home. This includes both damages from looters and trespassers and damage from the elements. Board up holes, windows, and doors to prevent rain or snow from entering the home and to keep intruders out. You will need to make sure all of your personal property is removed from the home to a safe location. Our team can take care of all of these tasks for you and will be happy to keep your items in a secure location until your home is livable.

Contact the Insurance Company

With all the commotion and stress of a house fire, it can be easy to overlook the need to call your insurance company. Even if you do not have all the details of the extent of the damage, reporting the incident will start the ball rolling. Try to provide as many details as possible about the fire’s time, location, and severity. This includes details about any personal injuries.

Ask for Assistance

If you and your family must leave the home while the damage is repaired or until your claim is settled, most insurance companies will help with hotel accommodations. You can ask your insurance company for help paying for needed clothing or other personal items that have been damaged in the fire. They can also help with purchasing basic items needed for work or school, such as toiletries and basic attire. Keep in mind that this will be a part of your claim, so make sure to use your funds wisely.

Keep Accurate Records

Start a notebook and document your contacts with the insurance company. Date and timestamp each entry and write a brief description of the information discussed. Include the names of employees you spoke to and any advice they offered. Include photos of your home that show the damage. We keep track of all communication with the insurance company and include photos from the initial visit all the way through completion.

As a customer of Mr. Restore, you don’t have to worry about these items since we keep all of them in our mobile-friendly software that you have access to any time. These documents and communication at any point in time to keep you up to date on the progress of your project. For more information on our project management system, visit

Get An Estimate

Whether your home was rendered uninhabitable or can be repaired or salvaged by a fire restoration service, it is vital that you document the expected loss or cost to you. A fire damage restoration company can assess your home and belongings to determine what can be salvaged and what should be considered a loss. As an added plus, they often have experience handling insurance claims and can guide you through the process.

Pay Your Insurance Premiums

It may be tempting to skip a premium payment, especially if you have unexpected expenses due to the fire. But this is never the right solution to your problems. Your homeowners’ insurance also contains liability insurance.

Contact us to discuss your needs if you have recently suffered fire damage in your home.