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Things to Know BEFORE Water Damage

Things to Know BEFORE Water Damage

Mr. Restore is at your door immediately after a water damage call to help you get your business or home back to its pre-loss condition. However, if you know ahead of time the proper ways to deal with a water damage immediately, it could cut the cost of damage in half. By being prepared for disaster before it happens, you have the advantage of knowing ahead of time the best form of action, therefore possibly preventing cost increasing damage.

  • If water damage is a sewage back up or a sewage pipe burst, be aware of the water be contaminated or may become contaminated itself. Do not cross-contaminate by moving from affected areas to unaffected areas if possible. If possible, don protective clothing such as gloves, boots, and eye-wear.
  • If a pipe bursts or an over flow occurs, identify the water source and if necessary take measures to shut water off at the source. Do not remove or throw away any evidence of the water source as your insurance claims representative will need it later for claims documentation.
  • Document water or flood damage to your property with photo documentation, it will help your insurance agent.
  • Ventilate the structure by opening doors and windows if possible, air flow helps with the mitigation process.

Immediately contact Mr. Restore and then file a claim with your insurance company, Mr. Restore will be there every step of the way in your restoration process.