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Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging Cameras

What Is a Thermal Imaging Camera?

Thermal imaging cameras are heat-sensitive equipment which measures radiated infrared energy and converts the data to corresponding maps of temperatures. In the water damage restoration and remediation industry, it is specifically used to find area’s that are subject to moisture problems. Water damage is not always visible so Mr. Restore uses thermal imaging cameras to help identify moisture areas. This procedure makes water damage evaluation more accurate.

Thermal Imaging Testing – When is it used and how does it work?

Thermal imaging testing is used on water damage projects to assess existing damage done by water and to pinpoint potential moisture issues.This valuable type of device is used by professionals in the restoration and remediation industry, because of the device’s accuracy. Thermal imaging testing focuses on the infrared radiation that is released by both people and objects. Infrared radiation is detected by thermal imaging cameras, which produce pictures of this energy. Since more radiation is discharged with higher temperatures, thermal imaging testing shows very clearly the contrast of warm objects against cooler ones. Along with other diagnostic tools of the trade, such as humidity and moisture meters, Mr. Restore’s thermal imaging technology proactively helps us better find water damage situations and, by finding these areas of moisture early on, reduce the cost of repairs.

Thermal Imaging Camera – Why does Mr. Restore use them?

Thermal Imaging Camera’s can locate condensation that may potentially lead to secondary water damage issues within a structure, that otherwise would go unnoticed. We use the most recent and updated technologies in the industry to better service our customers. Thermal Camera’s show where temperatures vary within a structure, then our Mr. Restore representatives use moisture meter’s to further inspect and confirm the observed water damage.