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Top Places to Check for Hidden Leaks

Water damage is not always easy to spot or is as obvious as a major flood. Yet, even sneaky leaks and hard-to-see water spots can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Hidden water damage can also cause structural damage or serious mold and mildew growth in Dallas, Texas. If you are not taking active precautions towards preventing concealed leaks, you may find yourself with irreversible water damage. 

Check out the top 3 places you should regularly check that are vulnerable to hidden leaks in your home:

       1. Roof

Many people forget to regularly check their roof for leaks because it is usually “out of site, out of mind.” Considering the roof protects your home from wet elements, it is usually the most vulnerable for leaks. You should check on top of the roof as well as the ceiling of the attic/top floor of your home. If you see any dark spots or circles on the ceiling, it is likely that you have a leak. Walk around your attic to ensure that it is ventilated correctly to decrease humidity in the warmer months. Summers here in Texas are no joke!

Check for the following issues on top of the roof for signs that it is vulnerable to leaks:

  • Separation or holes in the decking: Check to make sure there are no holes or broken areas. The most obvious way to do this is to look for sunlight coming through.
  • Damaged or broken shingles, tiles, flashing, or roofing material

You can also check out our thorough guide here on how to be sure your roof is ready for the elements. 

         2. Under Your Home

There is a pretty complicated plumbing system underneath your house that has multiple pipes and channels to pump water throughout. This creates the perfect spot for unnoticed leaks to accumulate and cause water damage. When you go under your home to check for leaks, look for:

  • Obvious water leaks: this one is easy, if you see water coming out of any of the pipes, you have a leak. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including a loose connection or something wrong with the pipe itself. 
  • Corrosion : Corroded pipes mean water has leaked out and caused damage to the pipe. It will create a greenish stain on copper pipes and a reddish-rust on iron and steel pipes.

If you notice something is off about the plumbing underneath your house, it is best to contact a professional plumber. If there is water damage due to a broken pipe, contact a restoration professional as well. The dark, damp environment under your home paired with water damage is the perfect breeding ground for mold growth and foundation issues. 

         3. Under The Sink

The kitchen and bathroom sinks are arguably the most used appliances in your home. Because the sink is used so often, it is more vulnerable to everyday wear and tear, including leaks. The plumbing is usually underneath the sink and is easily hidden, making it difficult to notice a leak until it is too late. 

If you check under your kitchen and bathroom sink regularly, you will be able to prevent unwanted water damage. Be sure to check the fixtures and drain for any cracks or blemishes as well. 

Unfortunately, even the most prepared homes and businesses can suffer from water damage. If you find yourself suffering from water damage in Dallas, Fort Worth, or surrounding areas, immediately contact Mr Restore. Dealing with water damage can have serious impacts that last for weeks. Your home requires the aggressive, fast responding and repair service only Mr Restore can provide!