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Water Damage and Plumbing Issues in Arlington, TX

Water is the most destructive substance for the house. It has the innate ability to compromise the structural integrity of your personal property and rapidly deteriorate it to the point that it just comes crashing down. The damage can become more serious if the water itself is unsanitary and access to clean-up services is delayed. Most homeowners in Arlington, TX are unaware of the damage that water can typically cause to most materials, these include slabs, concrete walls, and rooftops. Any delay in professional water damage restoration in Arlington, TX, is a disaster just waiting to happen. The destructive effects of water can be eliminated by intervention from specialists, but it requires prompt servicing by highly trained technicians to prevent further damage. At Mr. Restore, we offer experienced plumbers in several areas of Texas, including Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas. Our experts cite the following reasons why water damage might occur.

Leak in pipes

Pipe bursts are the most common reason for water damage. This typically happens when drains and toilets back up and clog the spaces in pipes. An undue amount of pressure is created in the pipe, which begins to crack away at the structural integrity of the pipe. This is when they gradually begin to burst and leak. Garbage disposals which are experiencing problems, are another common reason why pipes sometimes burst. This causes water to gush out from a ruptured pipe and damage property. Property damage can also be caused by water leaking from appliances such as water heaters and tanks. Leaking water can cause the water.

Corrosion in pipes

Even the most advanced materials, subjected to the highest standards of metallurgical principles, are bound to buckle after years of abuse by corrosive material. Water is a corrosive substance and can cause rust in pipes which eventually causes openings for water to seep through. This is especially true if the house is old and the pipes were laid out more than 3 decades ago. The piping material used for those periods is worse at resisting corrosion when compared to modern materials. Small changes in the pH value and mineral content can also make water more corrosive.

Damaged seals

Not every plumbing system consists of powerful seals composed of metal pipes, any place which has connected the pipes to a specific fixture will likely have an industrial rubber seal to keep the connection watertight. The restoration seals can easily degrade over time and have even worse resistance to corrosive substances such as water. It has also been shown that dry and old seals are very susceptible to corrosion by water. We recommend having your pipes and internal plumbing system thoroughly audited by professional water damage restoration service providers in Arlington, TX.

High water pressure

Every single molecule contributes its own force to the internal surface of pipes. As you increase the number of molecules passing through the pipe, the cumulative pressure increases proportionally (sometimes even exponentially). It’s true that the harder the water hits you, the more comforting it feels, but this pressure, over time, causes the pipes to burst open.

Cracks on pipes

Sometimes pipes and faucets develop cracks that aren’t necessarily caused by water. These cracks typically occur due to direct impact, perhaps someone fell on the faucet or pipe, or an object hit the fixture. These cracks can take place out of sight, under a sink, or behind a tank. It only gets noticed after a lot of water has surrounded the regions of the pipe that it becomes necessary to have it replaced as soon as possible. If you notice damage to the fixture, it is recommended to immediately make use of water damage restoration services in Arlington, TX.

Shoddy restoration practices

Most residents of Arlington, TX, easily fall prey to non-licensed professionals parading as highly trained plumbers. These individuals go on to charge them extremely high amounts and botch up the house’s piping system. These result in serious leaks, which cause restoration emergencies. We recommend doing a thorough background check of any plumbers you may have decided to hire. A good plumbing system is designed with the viscosity of water when subjected to the free flow of gravity. This requires pipes and connectors which are laid properly, using the right number of backflow devices and joints. If you feel that shoddy services or the pipes completed in the plumbing system in your house were laid improperly, then have a professional audit the plumbing system for any discrepancies.

Pipe joint damage

The most vulnerable parts of any pipe are the joints that are installed to serve one purpose: redirect the water to specific areas of the house. These joints are composed of separate curved pieces typically attached to two straight pipes on either side. Any temperature or pressure spike can be particularly damaging to these joints. The telltale signs of compromised pipe joints are unusual noises, it is recommended to have a professional investigate these noises in case of any damage.

Shifting pipes

Although pipes are designed to remain in one spot for long periods of time, movement tends to occur after prolonged usage. This is due to problems in foundation, erosion, and even natural occurrences such as earthquake tremors. A small shift in the pipes is not particularly damaging, but if the pipes get displaced from their original position too far off, then the connections might break. For this reason, it is important to have professional plumbers who have expertise in water damage restoration in Arlington, TX, to check the plumbing system after natural disasters such as hurricanes.

Clogs can damage your pipes

Household chemicals are extremely corrosive substances, and clogs give these chemicals an exit point. The only problem is the damage household chemicals do to clogs and pipes when they pass through them. Sometimes these household chemicals end up trapping these substances, which is why you should avoid using chemical drain cleaners. The solutions sometimes sit on one location of the pipe for too long, causing serious damage over time. It is important to have an experienced plumber check for water damage in your plumbing system. If you want access to the best water damage restoration services in Arlington, TX, contact Mr. Restore today to have an experienced professional check and repair your pipes for signs of damage.