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The Fire is out…now what?

The Fire is out…now what?

Report Your Fire

Now that everyone is safe and the firefighters have gone:

  • If you rent your home, contact your landlord.
  • If you own your home, you can begin the restoration process.

Choose a Restoration Company and Contact your Insurance Company

Choose arestoration companyto take care of you every step of the way. Mr. Restore will work with your insurance company so you can let the insurance company know you have chosen Mr. Restore when you report your loss.

Get Your Family Settled

If your home is not fit to live in, you should find a place to stay with family or friends, or arrange to rent a living space.

  • Repairs for fire damaged homes can take days, weeks, or even several months.
  • Some insurance policies pay for additional living expenses up to a certain amount (usually 10% to 20% of the coverage on the home)
  • Consult with your adjuster

Protect Your Property

You must provide “reasonable care” to protect your remaining property in order for your insurance policy to remain in effect.

We can help you with this process by boarding up the structure and protecting it from additional damage.

Make A Home Inventory

Itemize everything that has been damaged, room to room.

  • List even the most insignificant items.
  • Do not throw anything out until you have agreed on a settlement.
  • Be as detailed and accurate as you can with your inventory.
  • Cite when you bought the item, what it cost and what it will cost to replace.
  • Under many homeowner policies, you are entitled to full replacement for structural damage up to the coverage on your policy, provided your policy was for at least 80% of the replacement value of your home.

What If You Disagree With The Insurance Company’s Offer?

You are not bound to accept the insurance company adjuster’s evaluation.

First, discuss the matter in detail with the adjuster. If you still disagree, turn the offer down and request that the amount of the loss be set by “appraisal”

How About Payment?

The insurance company will send a check once you have agreed upon the amount and signed the agreement offer.

  • If extensive home repairs must be made, the company may withhold a portion of the settlement until this specific construction is completed.
  • If your home is mortgaged, the settlement check for the structural repairs may be made out to both you and the lender.
  • Often the lender will sign the check over to you outright, but be sure to consult with the lender about this.

Documents & Records

Here is a general checklist of documents you will need to replace if they’ve been destroyed.

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