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The Do’s and Don’ts After a Burst Pipe

A burst pipe in your home or business can cause serious water damage. Your immediate reaction should be to call a professional plumber and Mr. Restore to assess the damage the burst pipe may have caused to your home. Afterward, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure the damage does not become worse. We have seen many people make mistakes after a burst pipe that led to additional damage and costly repairs. Follow our tips after a burst pipe to stay safe and prevent additional accidents.


  • Turn off the water – Immediately turn off your water source to prevent more water from pouring into your home or business.
  • Open faucets – Opening outside or tub faucets that are below the pipe burst will help alleviate any pressure from the burst pipe and will help prevent the further spread of water.
  • Begin cleaning up standing waterStanding water can lead to serious mold damage and water damage to your floor and walls. Grab a few buckets and a mop and begin cleaning up the excess water. Water from a burst pipe is generally considered clean water and is safe to remove yourself. The goal is to prevent the spread of water and additional damage.
    Remember: removing the water yourself does not mean you don't need to contact Mr. Restore. Any amount of standing water can cause serious water damage.
  • Open doors and windows – if it's dryer outside, you can open windows and doors to circulate airflow to speed up the drying process. 
  • Contact Mr. Restore – simply opening the doors and windows is not enough to correctly dry a home and could lead to mold or mildew damage. You will need a professional restoration company with industrial-grade equipment to ensure your home is dried correctly and completely.


  • Use electricity – turn off your power in order to prevent electrical shock. The water could easily run into your electrical circuit
  • Lift or remove carpeting – leave this to the professionals. You may cause additional damage to your home or yourself if you attempt to restore your carpet on your own
  • Use bleach or any other cleaning products on the affected areas – again, leave this to the restoration professionals
  • Attempt to repair the burst pipe yourself – attempting to fix the pipe yourself could lead to potential damage to yourself. It is often not safe. In order to prevent further damage, you should contact a professional plumber
  • Apply heat – You may have heard that it is a good idea to apply heat to a burst or frozen pipe. What many people do not know is that this could cause even more damage. It is best to let professionals do this if they believe this is the best course of action.

When it comes to a burst pipe, there are many mistakes that could be made that could invalidate an insurance claim or cause even more damage. Follow these steps to ensure you prevent additional water damage and the growth of mold and mildew. Remember, repair requires a trained eye to identify correctly the areas that need replacement. In the event that a burst pipe has led to water entering your home, contact Mr. Restore to evaluate your home and assess the damage.  

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