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Dangers of DIY Sewage Cleanup in Dallas, TX

When sewage backs up, it is one of the most unpleasant and unsanitary scenarios to deal with in a home or commercial property. Unfortunately, these situations are difficult to predict. However, if such an emergency arises, it can be hazardous to try to clean up the mess by yourself.

Below, we’re going to discuss the dangers of DIY sewage damage cleanup and explain how a professional sewage damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas can help.

Understanding Sewage Backup Damage

When sewer lines clog because of rain, flood, blockage, or breakage, the wastewater cannot flow through the drainpipes smoothly. It causes the waste to accumulate and eventually cause harmful backups.

The waste from your toilet, sink, or drain has no place to escape and may either cause the pipelines to burst (under pressure) or travel backward. Unfortunately, water traveling back could be a large amount and is likely filthy and can damage your property and affect the occupants’ health.

What Does DIY Sewage Damage Cleanup And Restoration Look Like?

Sewage wastewater is also commonly called Black Water because it contains a mix of flush water, urine, feces, kitchen grease, cleaning materials, and a wide variety of bacteria. Exposure to this kind of water damage can be unhealthy and damaging to your property.

Removing the water and picking up the solid or semi-solid matter is just one step of many to cleanup the damage. You will also need to eliminate the dangerous parasites, viruses, mold, or mildew growth in your home. Sewage damage due to flooding has other risks like electrocution and severe cross-contamination.

This is why homeowners in Dallas, Texas and surrounding regions must understand the importance of professionally getting rid of the toxic black water.

Every year, Texas residents witness powerful storms, heavy rainfall, and hail leading to fire and water damage that in turn causes the drain pipes to collapse. Sewage backup results from clogged drains, and the cleanup involves immediate water extraction as well as toxic waste removal.

Sewage cleanup might appear manageable and similar to other cleaning tasks, but it is challenging and best left to specialists. The experts in Dallas, Texas can assist in the restoration and cleanup. They will be sure to clean, sanitize, repair, and restore the property safely to its near original condition.

Looking for a Professional Sewage Damage Restoration Company in Dallas, Texas?

At Mr. Restore, we recommend DIY sewage cleanup only in case of minor spills. If you’re dealing with a significant problem — one that is spread over multiple areas — then it’s time to contact the professionals. They will help you get rid of contaminated water and waste quickly reducing the time your house is exposed. They also know the best way to restore your home as close as possible to its previous condition. You should call a professional if:

  • The backup results from flooding
  • The spill is due to septic tank backup
  • The damage isn’t confined to a single room
  • The backup waste has been sitting for more than 12-24 hours
  • The sewage waste might have come in contact with the HVAC system
  • You or a family member have health concerns that can worsen due to wastewater contaminants

The experts at Mr. Restore offer quick, safe, and cost-efficient cleanup and sewage damage restoration services in Dallas, Texas. We can restore your house to its original condition, limiting future troubles and helping you get your life back on track.

Our sewage damage restoration professionals in Dallas, Texas have the expertise and equipment to clean your home thoroughly and safely. Contact us today to request a free quote.

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