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Summer COVID Safety Tips

At Mr. Restore, we want you to have the safest yet most enjoyable summer experience. We have a few tips, guidelines, and suggestions for you and your family to get the most out of your summer while staying safe. 

Remember, if your home or business needs to be thoroughly cleaned-up or sanitized in the Dallas area, Mr. Restore offers full biohazard cleaning services. If you are worried that your home or business has been compromised with COVID-19, we have the trained technicians and equipment needed to get you back to normal, fast. 

Practicing Precautions During Summer Activities

 In order to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, Mr Restore suggests following all CDC guidelines when looking for other ways to enjoy your summer. 


Cookouts may look a little different this year than you are used to. If you plan on hosting a cookout at your home with just your family or with friends, be sure to practice the following safety measurements:

  • Try to stay 6ft away from people who you do not live with; stay spaced apart while socializing
  • Gather in groups of 10 or less
  • Wear a mask if you plan on being close to people
  • Sanitize seating and eating areas
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Do not share objects, like sports equipment, cooking equipment, or cups/silverware

Remember, practice all fire safety precautions while grilling out to prevent dangerous fires and unwanted fire damage.


According to the CDC, there is no current evidence to support that COVID can be spread through water. Swimming is a great outdoor summer activity that you can do this summer while remaining safe. In addition to backyard pools, some public pools may be opening in your area, as well as lakes. Even though the water is safe, you should still practice the following guidelines to keep you protected and help decrease the risk of COVID spreading in the Dallas area. 

  • Stay 6ft away from others while sitting by the water or swimming
  • Wear sunscreen while outside
  • Sanitize pool and beach chairs before and after use

As with any water activity, be sure to dry off fully before entering a home in order to prevent water damage to the floors and other materials. Practice pool and water safety, and choose areas with a lifeguard nearby if possible.

Other Safe Summer Activities

There are many other outdoor activities you and your family can do this summer that are safe and fun in the Dallas area. Although the CDC has deemed outdoor activities as safer than indoor activities, you should still practice the usual safety tips, including avoiding crowded areas, wearing a mask around others, and sanitizing your hands regularly while also staying hydrated and avoiding heat exhaustion. Mr Restore also suggests calling ahead if you plan on visiting a park or outdoor area to prepare safely. Some other activities you can do this summer include:

When it comes to the Coronavirus, Mr. Restore wants you to feel safe and informed. Practice these safety tips and rest assured knowing Mr Restore is here to help our community in all instances of disasters, from a widespread pandemic to water and fire damage.