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Storm Damage Restoration in Arlington, TX

Texas weather brings about a lot of activity, such as powerful winds, wind-driven rains, or hailstorms that can cause serious damage to many properties. For most homeowners, going through the cleanup and restoration process when the storm has passed is overwhelming and confusing. To make things easier for you, this storm damage restoration company in Arlington, Texas is going to answer some of the commonly asked questions about storm damage below.

What kinds of damages are possible after a storm?

Every property is unique, and so are the damages incurred. However, strong winds, heavy rains, and hail can frequently lead to flooding risks, roof damage, falling or flying objects hitting the property, and more.

I don’t see any problem. Should I schedule an inspection anyway?

Sometimes storm damage might not be clearly visible at a glance. But structural faults can appear, roof components might break, and it is best to schedule a professional inspection to minimize risks.

A storm hit my neighborhood, but my property looks fine. Should I worry?

Storm damage isn’t always obvious, but leaks, dips, and structural cracks are possible. Some bruises might appear shallow but could be deeper dents. Even the slightest puncture on your roof or any other part of your home can lead to costly future damages.

It is better to call the experts of storm damage restoration in Arlington, Texas, to look at your property (inside and out) and ensure there are no risks. If there are any safety or structural threats, the specialist can offer appropriate solutions.

What to do if I suspect roof damage?

First, make sure you are safe. Then, look for any signs from the ground level. If you can, inspect the attic and all outdoor components of the roof. Determine whether you have any structural damage. Once you identify areas that may need attention, call a professional, discuss your concerns, and let them suggest an action plan.

What can I expect from storm restoration services?

Storm damage restoration in Arlington, Texas, differs from one service provider to another. So, apply your discretion and choose who you feel comfortable working with. Request a quick assessment. Talk to the team about any risks or needs requiring immediate care. Once you agree to the estimates and their processes, allow them to handle the restoration work.

At Mr. Restore, we create a practical restoration plan to secure your property. We use our state-of-the-art procedures and equipment to remove any mess, remediate odors, sanitize the property, repair current damages, and ensure your home is safe for use as quickly as possible. You can expect our licensed and knowledgeable crew to offer the best solutions for your home repairs.

How to avoid storm chasers?

Storm chasers may be fly-by-night companies who have no interest in their local reputation but position themselves to appear as neighborhood professionals. They focus on getting contracts out of as many houses as they can after a storm but with no quality assurance.

So how do you spot storm chasers? Check their official website and look for their local contact details. Request a copy of their General Liability Insurance to determine where it was written. Finally, ask for local references and not those recently completed.

Will my insurance policy cover storm damage?

Usually, it does. Most Texas homeowner’s insurance policies cover storm damage but not flooding. It is best to go through your policy and obtain sufficient coverage according to your Arlington property needs.

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