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Reviewing the Six Most Common Forms of Storm Damage

Storms in the Lone Star State come in all sizes. In fact, it’s not uncommon for storms to sweep through large areas and cause substantial property damage. A severe storm can leave your home or building needing extensive repairs. The type of damage usually falls into four major categories: water, hail, wind, and impact. Below, this storm damage restoration company in Fort Worth, Texas is going to review the six most common forms of storm damage that you could be dealing with.

1. Roof Damage

Roof damage is one of the most common forms of damage that a property owner may have to deal with following a storm. First and foremost, you should never assess the damage yourself, especially from the top. Climbing up might seem enticing, but it can be life-threatening. Whether it’s hail, impact, or water damage, it can compromise the structure of the roof and risk your safety. Roofing repairs such as missing shingles, roof leaks, or torn-off roofs are most common in the area, and they are best handled by a reputable storm damage restoration company in Fort Worth, Texas.

2. Shattered Doors and Windows

Flying debris, fallen tree limbs, or a damaged roof can damage your doors, windows, and exterior walls. If you do find such damage, it’s recommended that you do whatever you safely can to board up the windows and cover the doors. You would also want to cover other openings to protect your interiors against outdoor elements and safeguard yourself from unnecessary intrusions. Once done, you can call a Fort Worth, Texas storm damage restoration company to get your property back to its near original condition.

3. Gutters, Vent, or Flashing Damage

This type of damage isn’t easily identifiable since it requires you to get a ladder and climb to the top of your roof. Most roof damage can be assessed from the ground. However, vent, gutter, or flashing damage often require a professional inspection. It often results from hail damage or flying debris, and a professional will be able to help you with a potential solution.

4. Debris in the Yard

It is common to find debris in your yard and around the property after a bad storm. Flying debris could have hit your vehicle, the exterior of your house, or any outdoor furniture. It is important to walk around your home and in the yard to access the damage and take action accordingly.

5. Interior Damage

Any damage to the different components of your property’s roof can also lead to damage indoors. In other words, there can be leaks or impact damage to the inside of the house. The walls, your belongings, or flooring can all be impacted by the storm. The key is to cleanup and repair the damage as soon as feasible. You can also have the indoors professionally cleaned to prevent further damage.

6. Plumbing Leaks

This can be a problem with storms in Texas. When water lines become damaged, it can lead to serious plumbing leaks. If you are experiencing leakage, it’s important that you immediately close off the source of water. Clean up any mess that you can and seek professional assistance to avert severe damage.

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