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Storm Damage in Dallas, TX – Prepping Your Home for a Storm

In the United States of America, a bad storm makes it to the news ever so often. From flooding downpours and high winds to tropical storms and snowstorms that thump out the power, bad weather can affect us wherever we live with very little or no prior warning. Luckily, there are ways you can prepare your home for a storm to prevent potential storm damage in Dallas, TX,  as much as you can. In this article, you will learn about some useful precautionary measures that can be introduced even before there is a storm warning in the city. These will keep your home safe against storm damage in Dallas, TX.

1. Protection of Critical Areas

The wind puts your rooftop, windows, entryways, and carport at high risk of getting storm damage in Dallas, TX. A builder can manufacture and introduce momentary protection, for example, adding windscreens or compressed wood, i.e., plywood on windows and covers for porch and passage entryways, fortifying and hardening the carport entryways, and introducing weatherproof doors and windows.

2. Protection of Your Assets

When we mention "assets," remember it's not necessarily your valuables or pricey things but also other items that may not be costly but are really important such as mortgage papers, bank documents, academic records, medicines, keys, etc. Keep all such valuables and important items in a bag so that in case of an emergency, you can get a hold of them instantly in case you have to evacuate. Even if the situation is not that difficult, your valuables should be kept safe in a drawer or other protected spot so that they are not harmed amid the chaos that storm damage in Dallas, TX,  brings.   If the area you live in sees storms often, you might also consider sending your valuables to a relative's place or putting them in a bank locker.

3. Prevention of Storm Damage in Dallas, TX  Caused By Trees

The initial phase in the prevention of storm damage in Dallas, TX,  is to expel dead branches of trees. They are capable of inflicting deep wounds on you and can also cause damage to your car, deck, and different things in the yard. Cut the branches that hang over your home. A fallen branch can bring about costly storm damage in Dallas, TX,  by harming your rooftop or siding. Likewise, overhanging tree appendages send seeds and leaves into your gutters, causing clogs that result in flooding amid a storm. To further protect your home against storm damages in Dallas, TX,  that heavy winds bring, you can do the following things:

  • Cover the majority of the home's windows with pre-cut plywood or storm screens to shield windows against strong winds.
  • Plan prior on how you will move the items kept outside and bring them inside in case there is a storm or when there is a storm warning. These may include furniture, garbage cans, embellishments, and everything that is kept loose.
  • Close the screens/shutters when there are signs of a storm.

4. Buying a Generator

Power blackouts are normal amid tropical storms and hurricanes. Losing power amid a storm can result in a lot of INDIRECT storm damages in Dallas, TX,  such as decaying food kept in the fridge, brought down sump pumps, and flooded cellar/basement. Not to forget the inconvenience and annoyance it can bring. For a long-haul emergency readiness strategy, think about purchasing a home generator. Storm damages in Dallas, TX,  may make you wish you had bought one! The potential of a generator to bring power back instantly makes it imperative to have one at your home, either portable or a heavy-duty standby generator. This will prevent storm damage in Dallas, TX,  that could occur due to darkness, such as trips and falls, insect bites, etc., and keep important appliances, such as refrigerators, running to keep food from decaying.   If you already have a generator, make sure it starts and works properly. If need be, get it serviced beforehand so that it doesn't ditch you amid a storm.

5. Weatherproof  Your Home against Water Damage

According to Mr. Restore, you are more prone to getting extensive water damage than any other catastrophic event. When water doesn't or can't drain out properly, it can pose your home and yard to long-lasting storm damage in Dallas, TX. Given below are some basic steps you should follow to prevent water damage due to a storm.

Keep your gutters clean

This can be a twice-per-year venture contingent upon the number of trees close to your home. The seeds of numerous trees can clog up the gutters, and leaves that fall amid storms cause issues too. The gutter garbage, in this equation, will just further complicate things.

Fix seepage issues in your yard to counteract flooding and standing water

Seeping issues will not leave on their own; you have to get them treated to prevent storm damage in Dallas, TX  resulting in flooding and other water damage. Storm and water damage specialists at Mr. Restore can evaluate your home for seepages and introduce suitable solutions. The solutions extend from adding soil to low zones to making French drains or introducing plastic seepage funnels to draw water far from where it stands.

6. Know Your Policy

It's imperative to purchase and fully understand your insurance policy to deal with storm damages in Dallas, TX. Try to purchase an insurance policy that covers your home against such natural disasters. The weather is always unpredictable, and severe weather conditions can bring more damage to your home than you can imagine. Whether you want to prepare your house for a storm or it's the aftereffects of a storm that you are dealing with, Mr. Restore can help you with everything.

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