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Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for an Upcoming Storm

Texas is no stranger to severe storms. Here in Dallas, we endure tornadoes, hurricanes, and hail storms that have wreaked havoc on our homes and businesses. With over 50 years of experience in the restoration business, Mr. Restore has seen hundreds of properties destroyed by wind and water. We have seen it all and know exactly what can be done to protect your home from preventable storm damage. Check out some of our tips below that could help save your property and belongings:

Check your gutters and drainage system

It is easy to forget about your gutters and drainpipes, but flooding and water damage can easily be prevented by cleaning them out before a storm. The water from heavy rain cannot pass through if a gutter or drainpipe is cluttered or clogged. This backed-up water then floods into your home. Check to make sure your drainage system is clear of any leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris.

Prepare Your Yard

Many people focus on preparing their homes for a hurricane or tornado and forget to secure items in the yard that could cause damage. There are three major things to look for outside to reduce the chance of destruction during a storm.

Secure the Hatches

Walk around your property to make sure there are no loose items that are not securely tied down or properly stored inside your home, garage, or storage shed. Secure any playground equipment, lawn-care tools, and patio furniture. During high winds, these items could easily turn into dangerous missiles.

Check your Trees

If you notice any tree branches that extend close to your home, it would be smart to remove them. Strong winds can easily cause the nearby branches to sway or break; these branches can projectile toward your windows, roof, and siding. If you have young, smaller trees, take note that they are vulnerable to blowing away altogether. Use stakes to secure them to the ground properly.

Seal your Windows and Doors

Over time, heat and wind can damage window and door seals, which can lead to air leaks. It is important to check around your windows and doors to observe any drafts or weak seals. If not checked, water can easily drip and leak into your home during a storm, causing excessive, expensive water damage. Run your fingers along the edges of the frame to check for drafts.

You can easily apply caulk or weatherstripping (purchased at your local hardware store) around the edges of your windows and doors to ensure they are airtight. Remember, it takes caulk 12-15 hours to dry. This will ensure your home is protected from unwanted water damage. The U.S. Department of Energy provides thorough guides and tips for caulking and weatherstripping before a storm.

Sometimes, even the most prepared homes and families are no match for a severe storm. In an event where wind, hail, and heavy rain lead to unexpected damage to your property, save yourself time and money and contact Mr. Restore!