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Signs of Water Damage in Plano, TX

Water damage is one of the last things that you want in your home. It can have devastating effects, especially when it’s not managed quickly enough. Water damage restoration in Plano, TX,  is needed when you have flooding and appliances start to malfunction under its effects. That’s an easy way to spot when your home is water damaged. There are some signs that your appliances and areas in your home are water damaged. You may not be able to tell instantly if they are, however, if you don’t pay attention to the signs. Be careful when looking for these signs, and go for water damage restoration in Plano, TX,  when you spot them. Knowing the signs, you are searching for is more important when you want things to go back to the way they were before. Check for these signs routinely and stop things from getting out of hand. You can save hundreds of dollars by detecting early water damage signs. Here are the signs.

1. Distorting Floors and Walls

When you have carpets on your floor, it becomes obvious to spot if your floor is getting water damaged. You will start noticing wet spots on the carpet without any apparent reason. If you have tiles on your floor, they may loosen up and fall in places where the grout won’t hold. Similarly, when you have linoleum floors, they will start to peel. Wood and laminate floors will start to warp. This warping action of these kinds of floor materials is called buckling or cupping. It requires that you contact a professional for water damage restoration in Plano, TX,  to come and take care of it. During this kind of warping, the sub-flooring takes up the water and causes your home’s foundation to saturate in the long run. The water has no escape route and starts to damage your flooring instead. In worst-case scenarios, you may see the water escaping through the spaces on the floor and pooling up at the surface. You need water damage restoration in Plano, TX,  in such cases. There are some cases where the accumulation and presence of water are obvious, but at other times, it’s not. This is when the walls are becoming distorted and don’t look right. It is when you see bloated and swollen walls that are just beginning to warp that you need water damage restoration in Plano, TX. When the damage is critical, you might even feel that the wall is spongy. The paintwork on the walls will crack or bubble up because of repeated drying and incremental swelling. The expansion and contraction of the walls are only apparent when cracking or bubbling happens, which can be the only visible sign. That’s because the seepage of water in these walls (causing them to expand and contract) is very subtle to notice.

2. Peculiar Smells

If you notice that there are musty smells indoors, it’s a telltale sign of the presence of water damage. It can also signal the growth of mold hidden from the eyes. To get an idea of what it smells like, it smells of rotting cardboard or wet newspaper. The stronger the smell is, the closer the source of the water damage. Smells normally show that there is severe damage but humidity levels are the real indicator of water-damaged surroundings. You need water  damage restoration in Plano, TX,  if the air is more wet and humid in a certain area of your house. It’s where the most water damage occurs.

3. High Water Bills

If you feel that you are not using the amount of water reflected in your bill, then it’s a sign that you may have water-damaged surroundings. The best way to check this is to keep track of your water use for the month and compare it to how much you are charged for using that much water in the past. It helps you realize if you need water damage restoration in Plano, TX. If your estimated amount is significantly lower than what your actual monthly water bill came out to be, then you’re facing water wastage. That is, you’re paying for water that you aren’t using. The water might be leaking within walls, under floors, or making its way to your crawlspace. This calls for an inspection of your pipes. If there are any leaks and extra moisture around your pipes, water is wasted. You need to check for any water-damaged areas around the pipes and get water damage restoration in Plano, TX  if you see problematic areas.

Pipes Wear Out Fast

You can’t see most pipes because they’re hidden away, with some embedded in your home’s structure. Even when you can’t see them, it’s important to check on them often. Check your water heater for the secure fitting of your pipes. Check for leaks and corrosion of pipes under the sink or in crawlspaces. Corroded pipes increase the possibility of water damage, so get these fixed as soon as you find them. Another form of erosion is caulk erosion, which you can find near bathroom sinks and bathtubs. Caulking is a typical quick fix if you can get to it before it’s damaged. If already damaged, you can be sure that you’ll need water damage restoration in Plano, TX,  because the water has already seeped through your walls.

Molds and Stains

If your walls or floors get darkened for no apparent reason, water has no proper drainage from that area. There is an increased likelihood of mold stains and other water damage appearing in that area. Mold can be of brown, white, black, and green colors, so if you see a small patch exhibiting these colors, you should get water damage restoration in Plano, TX. The help of professionals from a company such as Mr. Restore  will give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to restoring your home to its former condition. So when you notice these signs, it’s better to call the professionals.