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Signs of Flood Damage: Restoration Services in Arlington, TX

You come back from a vacation only to find your house flooded and your furniture wrecked. In worst-case scenarios, there is probably water still standing in some areas, and insects have gathered around it. If you have a basement, you could find that water has run off. Without proper ventilation, humidity levels are probably high, and there are unpleasant odors around the house. In case your house or office is affected, you need to call flood damage restoration services in Arlington, TX,  to inspect the extent of damage and determine the scope of repairs to restore the structure back to its pre-flood condition. You need a professional to examine the damage and source of the issue. The professional is required to determine what caused the flooding in the first place. For instance, the cause of flooding could be a lack of proper ventilation, a poorly-functioning drainage system, or leaks in walls or ceilings. An expert can inspect the interior and exterior of the house and fix the issues from its originating source. Even if the drainage system had been working properly before the flood, rainstorms or hurricanes may reduce the capacity and speed of the channels.

Risks of floods in houses

  • Electric shocks
  • Need to avoid walking in standing water
  • Fungal or bacterial growth
  • Insect and pest infestation
  • Mold growth on walls
  • Humidity
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Health hazards for people with respiratory diseases or allergies
  • Structural collapse
  • Fire; blasts; gas leaks; explosions
  • Toxicity due to water-borne bacteria could lead to illnesses

What you need to be careful about

The major signs of flood damage would be obvious, and there are precautionary measures that you could take to protect yourself and your family.

  • Check the exterior of the house or building for broken electricity or power lines. Avoid walking in water puddles or standing water because you could get electrocuted.
  • If you suspect that your electrical appliances have been affected, don’t use them and call flood damage restoration services in Arlington, TX,  immediately to determine whether they are safe to use. Without inspection, there is a risk of fire and explosions, which could be dangerous to everyone nearby.
  • You can tell that the ceiling is about to collapse if the door sticks to the top when you try to open or close it. Call professional services immediately. Do not go inside and protect yourself and everyone else from falling debris.
  • During the rainy season, make sure you wear raincoats and boots to protect your feet from cuts. There is a higher risk of cuts because of fallen nails or debris on the floor.
  • If you sense gas leaks inside the house, call professional services immediately. Open all windows and doors and leave the house or building. If you are able to determine the sources of the gas leak, turn off the valve and avoid lighting a fire until a professional can indicate that it is safe to do so.
  • If your phone is not working, request using your neighbor’s phone
  • Discard food items that have come in contact with flood water due to high levels of toxicity and water-borne bacteria. Avoid having tin or canned food as well because it is likely dented or rusted. Before you drink water, make sure it is purified. Boil drinking water for a few minutes before giving it to children or senior citizens in the house.
  • If there are wires lying around, have flood damage restoration services in Arlington, TX,  replace them.
  • Try removing as much debris and mud from your house as possible.
  • You may have to discard some furniture items due to water contamination. If you have valuables, place them in high or safe places.

Why hire professional services?

An expert is needed for flood damage restoration services in Arlington, TX,  to determine the origin and extent of structural damage to a house or office building to provide scope for restoration. In case of severe flood damage, it would be easy to determine the causes. However, even after restoration services, some signs of flooding may start appearing after a few weeks, such as cracks or crooked basement walls. Flood damage restoration services in Arlington, TX,  would be able to conduct a proper analysis to determine what needs to be fixed and how. They have suitable equipment to restore house and office building structures.

Why Mr. Restore?

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We provide 24/7 services for commercial as well as residential buildings without interruptions to your daily business operations or household work. Mr. Restore can provide services in Arlington, TX,  both before the damage as well as after flood damage.  Call Mr. Restore  24/7  at  1-877-631-7576.

Here’s what our happy customers have to say:

“We came home from a vacation to a flooded house. The Mr. Restore team had a team to our house in under 30 minutes with equipment in tow. Their team was so professional and helpful – they answered every question we had. They even acknowledged that for the amount of damage we had, there were alternative methods we could take to make the repairs on our own. You could not find a more honest, honorable group to help take care of you during what can be an extremely stressful time.”

“Mr. Restore went above and beyond the damage clean-up job. They helped me navigate my insurance policy, they were very responsive after hours on a weekend, and they really strived to do a high-quality job within my budget constraints, proposing different ways to tackle the damage I had. They always arrived on time and answered every one of my calls while the project lasted.”