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Preparing for Storms in Dallas, TX

It is difficult to imagine Texas without thinking about thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes. These natural disasters are a fact of life when you live in the Lone Star State. While some of us enjoy the sight of a storm where clouds form interesting shapes and frequent lightning bolts look astonishing, it can be nerve-wracking to watch a major storm approaching your home. The destruction can be detrimental, but thankfully, there are some things you can do to prepare your home for a Texas storm. This Dallas, Texas storm damage restoration company is going to explain below.

Preparing for a Storm

What can you do to prepare before severe weather conditions hit your area? Here are some helpful tips from the Mr. Restore specialists, a storm damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas:

Stay Updated with Local News

Make sure you are always up to date with the daily, local news. Knowing about any storm approaching your area gives you the much-needed time to prepare for the disaster beforehand.

Inspect Your Roof

Your roof is the first line of defense against extreme weather conditions in Dallas, Texas. Make sure it’s in pristine condition. Get a professional roof inspection done at least once a year. It helps identify problem areas which you can address before the damage is too severe.

Prepare the Insides

Protect your electronics, label all switches, cover irreplaceable items, and have a fire extinguisher in a convenient location. You should know how and when to shut off the power, gas, and water supply for safety reasons.

Landscape Maintenance

Keep trees trimmed to prevent breaking the windows, denting the property, or damaging any vehicles on the premises. Do not neglect the yard’s spring cleaning!

Clean the Gutters

If the gutters aren’t clean and functional, they can cause severe flooding. So, make the necessary repairs, keep the guttering system clean, and ensure your property is protected during a storm.

Document Your Home

Documenting the inside and outside of your property before a storm arrives is a good idea and can be used to your advantage later. Take pictures and videos of all areas in the house, plus any renovations, and it can significantly help you with your insurance claims in case of severe damage.

Stock Up on Essentials

Stock up on some essential supplies to help if you are unable to get out or have to weather a storm for a few days. Here are some things to gather: bottled water, canned/ready-to-eat food, first aid kit, warm blanket, additional clothing, flashlight, toiletries, necessary medications, some hand tools, disposable utensils, garbage bags, utility knife, batteries/ chargers, IDs, important documents, pet essentials and accessories, cash, and more.

No matter how secure your property is and how prepared you may be, evacuate if your local authorities advise you to do so. Keep your supplies in a bag in an easily accessible area. If necessary, you can grab the bag in case of an emergency.

Know Your Evacuation Plan

Make sure you’re aware of the evacuation route in and around your property. This is a critical aspect of your emergency plan. Be aware of the closest designated shelters if you cannot evacuate.

Looking for a Storm Damage Restoration Company in Dallas, Texas?

While you can certainly take steps to limit the damage caused by a Texas storm, they are fierce and have the power to lift an entire property from its foundation. So, when your property is affected by a storm, it’s best to immediately contact an emergency storm damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Restore is a trusted and certified provider of storm damage cleanup and restoration services. Our technicians can arrive at your home in just a few hours with the necessary tools and equipment to get to work. You can count on us to be there by your side when you need us.

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