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Preventable House Fire Causes in Dallas, TX

House fires in any capacity are a nightmare to even think about. But unfortunately, they happen all around the US. They are caused by different reasons and leave considerable damage to the property, the owners, residents, neighbors, and even the environment. In fact, many authorities and fire station statistics report house fires being a common cause of damage. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are approximately 400,000 house fires reported every year in the US alone. Also, the US Fire Administration reports that most of these fires are preventable in nature and had previously caused 15 billion American dollars in damages in 2015. Whether the fire is an uncontrollable giant or a small one in a controlled corner, it can quickly cause thousands in damages and endanger people and other living beings around it. Due to lack of knowledge, ignorance, and simple mistakes, every year, there are several incidents where homeowners’ possessions come under fire destruction. Since fires can be ignited anywhere, Dallas, Texas, is no exception. This means that the victims of house fires require fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX. As you know, fires are extremely volatile, unpredictable, and able to destroy various types of material. In the case of house fires, given that people and animals are safe, the most costly damage they cause is on the structure of the house. From the flooring, walls, and pillars to the windows and doors, it can do some serious damage and require fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX. Since prevention is better than cure, it is best for you and your home’s safety that you take precautions and learn what causes these fires to ignite. This will prevent the need for fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  and give the chance to avert a possibly disastrous event. For your ease, we have compiled a list of the most common preventable causes of house fires. The following list will educate you on how the fire starts and what you can do to prevent it in the first place:

1. Cooking-Related Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 40 percent of house fire incidents are reported to be caused while cooking. Since it requires exposure to fire and heat inside the house on a daily basis, it is understandable why it is a leading cause. The overwhelming heat coming from the oven and open flames on the stove both increase the chance of something near them catching fire and result in the kitchen requiring fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX. And while it is a common cause of house fires, it is preventable. You can avoid a potentially dangerous event with simple measures and concentration on what you’re doing while cooking. You need to pay extra attention to the stove and ensure that nothing is near the open flame that can easily catch fire. Also, avoid leaving the kitchen for too long if there is something cooking on the stove.

2. Smoking

We have all heard that smoking can wreak serious havoc on your body, making it one of the leading causes of many health-related issues. Well, the damaging qualities of smoking don’t end there. In fact, smoking remains to be a leading cause of home fire fatalities and architectural damage that requires fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX. The best way you can prevent this from happening is by smoking outside. Make sure that you extinguish the butt of your cigarette or cigarette before throwing it away. And if you smoke a pipe, remember to snuff the tobacco out before storing it away. And if you do smoke indoors, make sure that you use an ashtray made out of inflammable material and that it is heavy enough to not tip. Also, avoid leaving your cigarette/pipe/cigar unattended on an ashtray as it is likely that it will overbalance shed embers.

3. Burning Candles

One of the most common things that skip out of our minds is a burning candle. Many people often say they forgot they lit a scented candle in the room before leaving it. This situation can be extremely dangerous as the open flame from a candle can easily spread the fire and result in your house needing fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX. Regardless of how relaxing and calming the scented candles might be, do not leave them unattended. Make sure that when you do burn them, they are away from curtains, out of reach of children and pets, and securely placed in a candle holder where they can’t tip over. Also, always remember to blow the flame out before leaving the house or room.

4. Faulty Wiring

Regular maintenance of your electrical system by a certified electrician is the best way to prevent your house from requiring fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX. This is so because faulty wiring with even the smallest damage can spark a huge fire. Fluctuating voltages and short circuits make matters worse when the wiring or electrical fixtures in your house are broken as they ignite fires. The best way to prevent this is by having your entire house evaluated by an electrician, especially if it’s old. The electrician will check out the plugs, switches, wiring, breakers, and other parts of the system and make sure that there is no immediate danger.

5. Heat Appliances

Besides candles and stoves, fireplaces are the most common cause of open flame-related fires. Unattended fireplaces with no covers can easily catch something nearby on fire and spread it around the house. If you want to prevent the chances of needing fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX, make sure that you always extinguish the fire and let the logs cool off before closing it. Besides fireplaces, other heat sources like dryers, heaters, and other appliances can also be a cause of fires. To prevent potential fire-related damages from these appliances, make sure that professionals install them and that you follow directions to operate them. Besides that, don’t leave a heater or any other heat source running when you leave the house.

6. Christmas Trees

Unexpected but true, Christmas time is one of the most popular times when homeowners call for fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX. The reason behind this is the fires caused by the twinkle lights wrapped around the tree. By the end of the season, a live tree is basically a tinderbox, and fake ones are already flammable. A small spark or hot light can immediately set the whole thing on fire in a matter of minutes. To prevent this from happening to you, ensure that you don’t overuse the Christmas lights this season. Also, don’t leave the lights on for too long, whether you are in the house or not. Along with that, don’t plug in the lights in an overloaded outlet and place them at a height where small children and pets can’t reach them. These six reasons are some of the most common causes of house fires that can be avoided if you take care. By being attentive and cautious while handling heat and fire, you can prevent needing to spend money on fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX. But if, unfortunately, you do suffer a house fire, no matter what the cause, Mr. Restore is prepared to offer you fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX. We have the expertise of our team and the right tools to clean up your house and fix the damages that resulted from the fire. You can contact us here  and get in touch with our 24/7 helpline.