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Identifying Fire and Smoke Residues in Fort Worth, TX

A fire at your home or business property can be absolutely devastating. In fact, even small fires can lead to major damage. Once the fire is extinguished, the real challenge begins. All your belongings will be covered in thick black soot, which is extremely difficult to get rid of — plus, it’s toxic.

The aftermath can be overwhelming. When getting started with the cleanup, it’s important that you’re able to identify the common types of residues so that you know how to address them safely and properly. This fire damage restoration company in Fort Worth, Texas is going to explain everything you’ll need to know below.

Natural Substances

Natural substance residues accumulate after materials like paper, leather, natural rubber, and wood burn in a fire. The deposits are powdery, dry, and resemble the color of ashes (i.e., grayish-black). This is the easiest of all types of residues in terms of cleaning. You will only have to vacuum, wire brush, or sweep the area, followed by a sponge cleanup with a household-grade chemical cleaner.

Protein-Rich Substances

When the fire eats up protein-based materials, it leaves behind a brownish-yellow residue. These deposits are sticky, greasy, and smear on walls, similar to how stuff sticks to the walls of your microwave or when you grill meat. Since the burning of protein-rich substances releases extra lubricant, the cleanup process is a bit tricky. You can get professional-grade cleaners and tools to tackle the mess created after protein fires. But it is best to seek expert assistance — professionals know how to handle the damage, what cleaners in what proportion to use, and suggest an appropriate restoration plan.

Synthetic Substances

One of the toughest residues to get rid of is synthetic buildup. When oil (or hydrocarbon) based materials burn in a house or commercial fire, they produce thick black smoke. It clings to the property walls and all your belongings in the form of a smeary and tough deposit. Synthetics (man-made materials) include carpets, drapes, electronics, fabrics, furniture, plastics, window coverings, and clothing. If the soot and smoke are left untreated for a long time, it can lead to permanent discoloration, staining, or etching. Also, you should avoid touching such harsh deposits. If you aren’t sure what to look for, you should a call fire damage restoration company in Fort Worth, Texas to help restore any damage done to your property due to synthetic residues.

Once you identify the different fire and smoke residues in your Fort Worth, Texas property, use your discretion to tackle the damage effectively. Ensure the smears do not get worse while you are cleaning them up. Fire damage cleanup and restoration work require time, patience, and careful planning. Also, make sure you don’t allow the damage to sit for long, or the restoration effort will become much more challenging.

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