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Protecting Pets During a Storm in Lewisville, TX

Are your pets included in your storm emergency plan? Every disaster unfolds in different forms and intensities. It requires a unique approach every time. But some level of preparedness can keep you and your pets protected.

So, make sure you don’t forget about your furry buddies. Below, this storm damage restoration company in Lewisville, Texas is going to provide a short guide that will help you protect your pets during a storm.

1. Maintain safe spaces at home.

Get your pets indoors at first sight of a storm. Keep your house in Lewisville, Texas organized so your pets can safely and readily remain inside. Ensure the house is tidy and there are no obstacles that can cause them harm or barricade their movement. Pre-determine the rooms where your pets can stay out of danger until it is safe to move out. Also, be well-stocked with emergency supplies for you and your pets.

2. Display a rescue alert sticker.

If you get stuck in a storm emergency, a rescue alert sticker will inform the rescue personnel that pets are there on the premises. Having this simple sticker can be lifesaving for trapped pets when a natural disaster hits your region.

3. Arrange an emergency shelter for your pets.

Never abandon your pets in a storm emergency. If the property feels unsafe for you and your family, it probably is equally dangerous for your pets. If you cannot take your pets during an evacuation, contact your local animal shelter or vet to see if they can provide an emergency boarding facility. Some human shelters also make provisions to allow pets in their facility.

You can also request a friend or family member outside your area to care for your pet until your house is safe. If your pet is trapped in an emergency and unreachable, immediately call disaster services and seek professional help.

4. Prepare a travel kit with essential supplies.

As you would do for yourself, prepare a travel kit for your pets too.

Pack sealed and dry food, water bottles, first aid supplies, medical records, bowls, blankets, and towels. Also, keep plastic bags for waste, pet-friendly sanitizer, hygiene essentials, extra harness, leash and collar, crate (if necessary), toys, and anything that will help them survive the difficult conditions. Should you have to evacuate, you will have the kit ready for each pet and be prepared for the worst.

When it’s the storm season or warnings are being aired by the authorities, ensure your pets’ IDs are updated so if you have to be separated, the information can help you reunite.

5. Keep medical records up to date.

Overcrowding and hygienic sacrifices during an emergency can get your dog sick and spread contagious diseases or viruses. Ensure your pet is always current with vaccinations, and you prioritize preventative care.

Final Thoughts

Whether you reside in Lewisville, Texas or elsewhere, these tips can be helpful for anyone with pets living in a storm-prone area. It can be very stressful when you are in the moment. For this reason, having an emergency plan can save you time, energy, expenses, and, most importantly — your pet.

Remember, if you own exotic pets like reptiles, birds, or hamsters and not just cats or dogs, you should plan to care for their unique needs.

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