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Protecting Your House During a Storm in Dallas, TX

Storms in Texas can be dangerous, leaving millions of people stranded due to a lack of preparedness. Damage to vehicles, property, and roads are not uncommon — especially in the Dallas, Texas area. As such, your home is the safest place to be when a storm strikes.

However, the powerful force of a storm can impact your home. Fierce winds, lightning, and flooding can severely damage your home’s structure. With that said, as a homeowner, you can prepare your property for storms as best as possible. Below, this storm damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas is going to offer some tips that will help you protect your home:

1. Fix Roofing Defects

A property’s roof is always its primary line of defense against extreme weather. Make sure your roof is in good condition to minimize potential damage. Hire professionals and get the roof inspected at least twice every year. Roofing professionals ensure the gutters aren’t clogged, roof material isn’t damaged, and there are no other weaknesses that can threaten the roof’s integrity and ultimately cause dangerous as well as costly consequences.

2. Unplug All Appliances

We have all been there — a powerful storm approaches the Dallas area, and it leaves us with no power, power fluctuations, or short circuits leading to unexpected fires. It is important to unplug all appliances to keep your house and loved ones safe when a storm strikes. These can include computer systems, television, dishwasher, dryer, refrigerator, and more. If you know a storm is on its way, keep your phones and power banks charged and have standby power to help you get through electrical outrages.

3. Install Storm Shutters

Strong winds are powerful enough to break windows and wreck the interiors. Storm shutters impact-resistant features prevent fierce winds from shattering the windows or getting inside in the first place.

4. Trim Trees

Overgrown trees can damage nearby vehicles, outdoor items, and power lines. Take the time to maintain your yard. Trim the trees with large or loose branches adequately to minimize potential damage.

5. Have Evacuation Plans

Some properties are simply not usable despite the preventive measures you take. There are also times when authorities dictate evacuation. Therefore, you must have a plan to evacuate if the situation demands. When you know it is the storm season, keep some essentials like food, medications, water, clothing, important documents, and other valuables handy. It always helps to be over-prepared versus being caught unaware.

BONUS TIP — Call the Storm Damage Restoration Experts in Dallas, Texas

There are situations where properties sustain storm damage and leave the space uninhabitable. In that case, do not try to tackle the restoration yourself. There can be catastrophic destruction leading to other risky situations. Storm cleanup and restoration work is best left to specialists. They have the skill, tools, and expertise to get your property back in good shape. It’s best to partner with a qualified and reputable storm damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas to accelerate the repairs on your property.

Looking for the Premier Storm Damage Restoration Company in Dallas, Texas?

As a homeowner, you’ll want to do everything in your power to protect your home and your loved ones when a storm strikes. But when something unfortunate or unavoidable occurs, Mr. Restore will be there to help. As the most trusted storm damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas, we can build your home back to its near-original state. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable restoration experts today to learn how we can help.

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