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How to Prevent your Home from Storm Damage in Dallas, TX

The southern center in the US, Texas, is no stranger to storms and severe climate conditions in any weather. The Dallas, TX, area has endured various hurricanes, snowstorms, hail, thunderstorms, and flooding rains in the past that wreaked havoc on cars, homes, and other buildings. While some of these weather conditions subside with minimal effects, some of them end up causing costly storm damage in Dallas, TX  homes. This is the reason why, every year, homeowners in the state prepare for storms and severe climate conditions to prevent their houses from suffering any storm damage in Dallas, TX. While the frequency and severity of these storms are up to Mother Nature, inevitably, many homeowners end up having to deal with some storm damage control. The damage can come from heavy thunderstorms with flooding rains that cause water damage and hailstorms that crack windows, damage sidings, and break shingles on the roof. While there is nothing we can do to control the weather, we can still take some preventative measures that can protect your family and home from storm damage in Dallas, TX. If you have just moved to the area and have no clue about how to minimize the damage caused by storms, the following tips might prove helpful:

1. Properly Board or Shutter your Windows

The first step to preparing your house for the incoming weather is to begin boarding up your windows. Most storm damage in Dallas, TX,  is caused by high-speed winds during the hurricane season. Since air can fit anywhere, wind only needs a small crack, sliver, or space to lodge itself in, create pressure, and shatter the glass. Besides that, it can catch debris in the current and throw them against the glass, cracking or breaking it. This is why it is important that you begin by closing up the shutters and boarding up your windows. Also, before the storm season arrives, get a contractor to have a look at your windows and ensure that they will be able to withstand the storm damage in Dallas, TX. If you live in another location where hurricanes and high-impact storms are frequent, you can invest in impact-rated windows and specially designed hurricane shutters.

2. Clean Your Gutters

Storm damage in Dallas, TX,  often includes water overflowing from blocked gutters, entering homes, and causing damage to wood and other material. It is very easy to forget the gross gutters that catch leaves and dirt all year. But it is crucial that you check them before the rain and thunderstorm season so the water can run off into sewage in case of a rainstorm. Remember that water collecting and settling around your house can cause several problems, including weak foundations or walls, seepage, and even mold and rot. Regardless if you think this is the grossest thing you'll have to do, add it to your spring cleaning list. If you find a massive blockage that you can remove, consider calling a drainage expert to do it for you.

3. Repair or Replace Damaged Shingles on the Roof

With your gutters ready to run off any water that might collect in your house's roof, the other roof-related prep includes repairing or replacing the shingles. When hail, heavy rain, or strong gusts of wind impact damage shingles, it can cause mild to severe storm damage in Dallas, TX. And if a shingle does get displaced, it will leave enough space for water and wind to get under and cause more damage. Ask a roofing expert to inspect your roof and the condition of the shingles to evaluate how many of them need to be repaired or replaced. Make sure the contractor uses shingles made out of material that can withstand  storm damage in Dallas, TX.

4. Fix Loose Siding

Similar to the purpose of shingles on the roof of your house, siding is a protective material that covers the exterior walls. It includes wall cladding made of various materials, including natural and synthetic, to line up as a protective layer against weather and other storm damage in Dallas, TX. And just like shingles, you should check if any need repair or damage. If wind or hail ends up displacing a piece of siding, it will give space for wind and water to get in and cause damage to the guts of the walls.

5. Check your Yard

If you have seen any news footage of storm damage in Dallas, TX, you will find that fallen trees and branches cause a significant part of the damage. You will see a branch breaking through the glass window, a whole tree crushing the side of a home, or one falling on top of a car. This is why we must stress that you get the trees in your backyard checked out by an expert. It is an essential part of preparations to prevent suffering from storm damage in Dallas, TX. If a hollow, damaged, or rotten tree can't stand on its own, it is better to remove it.

6. Secure Outdoor Paraphernalia

If you reside in the suburbs of gorgeous Dallas, TX, you might have a yard full of patio furniture, a grill for the summer months, lounging chairs, yard décor, and other outdoor items that can potentially cause storm damage in Dallas, TX. This measure is also necessary if you have furniture that can easily blow up in the wind and become projectiles, with the potential to damage windows, siding, and other parts of the house.

7. Get the Foundation of your Home Checked Out

Water damage is one of rain and thunderstorms' most prominent side effects. Since water, like wind, can be quite the escape artist, it can find its way inside the walls and foundation of your home through the smallest cracks. If the foundation of your house has cracks and water finds its way through, it can weaken the foundation and cause severe storm damage. In order to prevent your home from suffering storm damage in Dallas, TX, get a professional to inspect it and get it ready for the incoming storm season. While these preventive measures and assure your home's safety in some capacity, Mother Nature can still be unpredictable and inflict serious damage. And if, unfortunately, you suffer the smallest of damage, we can take it. Mr. Restore's  storm damage control team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to clean up your home and fix the storm damage in your Dallas, TX,  home. You can  contact us here and our team will take prompt action to replace your home with its original beauty.