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How to Prevent Water Damage While You’re On Vacation

Did you know that one of the most common homeowner’s insurance claims is water damage to a house? Water damage from leaks or storm conditions causes millions of dollars worth of damage each year. Severe water damage can even be harmful to the structural integrity of your home!

Water damage often occurs while people are away on vacation because no one is around to keep an eye on things. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent the risk of water damage to your home while you’re away. Before you leave on your summer vacation, take the following steps to keep your home safe.

Check for Leaks

Check all the pipes and your water heater for leaks or damage before you leave, and repair them as needed. Make sure that your windows fully seal, and check the roof for damaged shingles.

Inspect Appliances

Take a look at all the hoses connected to your dishwasher, washing machine, and ice maker. Straighten out any kinks in the hoses and replace any hoses that show signs of damage.

Clean Out the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters isn’t a fun task, but it is an important step for water damage prevention while you’re on vacation. Make sure that the downspouts are clear of any debris. Gutters and downspouts are what keep water out of your home when there is a lot of rainfall or a big storm blows through, so you want them working properly while you are away.

Have a Friend Check Your Home

If you have a friend check on your house regularly to feed pets and water the plants, make sure that they also know where the water main is so they can shut down the water if a pipe bursts.

Turn Off the Water

If no one is available to check on your house, go ahead and turn off the water in your home before you leave and make sure that the pipes are completely drained.

Helpful Tips

Once you’re finished on the water damage prevention front, turn your attention to other areas of the house. Unplug your electronics, turn down the heat on your water heater and set your A/C to a moderate temperature to help save on your energy bills while you’re away. Dispose of any perishables in the refrigerator, and clean up the home a bit before you leave. There’s nothing like coming home to a clean home after a relaxing vacation!

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