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How to Help When Someone’s Home has Serious Water Damage

Excessive water damage can happen to anyone. From faulty appliances to unpredictable weather here in Texas, the water invading your home can lead to an emergency situation. The results of water damage can be devastating, often destroying furniture, important and special documents, flooring, and all other possessions. Not only do you want your own home and family to be prepared, but you also want to know what you can do for your neighbors, friends, and family that may suffer from home floods and water damage. There are numerous ways to help someone who has suffered from water damage. Remember, the results will take a physical and emotional toll on the victim. It is traumatizing to lose important things that have been collected over a lifetime. You can provide help by donating items and providing emotional support in their time of need.

Helping Clean up After a Storm

Victims of a home flood will need a lot of manpower to remove everything from their homes after serious water damage. You can recommend they contact Mr. Restore to help them get things back to normal by removing debris, boarding up the structure and restoring the property, and restoring contents if possible. It is best to leave the heavy work to the professionals. Remember, flood water can be dangerous; if the items can't be thoroughly cleaned, it, unfortunately, needs to be thrown away. Again, it is best to remind the family to leave this part to the professionals at Mr. Restore. This will help prevent the spread of mold and harmful toxins. Throwing away parts of their home is devastating, but you can provide support and positivity.

Things to Donate to Victims of a Flood

The short answer is anything and everything, flood victims have likely lost all of their possessions. Insurance can help with necessities, but you can provide additional support with these items:

  • Cases of paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, etc.
  • Gift cards for clothes, home items, and food
  • First-aid materials
  • Plastic plates, cups, utensils
  • Baby items: diapers, formula, toys
  • Activities for children, school supplies, games, etc.
  • New bedding, blankets, sheets, etc
  • Prepared meals (consider setting up a meal train)

Providing Support to Victims of a Flood

Sometimes, the victims of a flood simply need emotional support. Let them know that you are there for them. Stick by their side until the job is complete. Gather help within your community to provide support. Provide a positive distraction if they need it, such as going out for a meal or something entertaining. Lastly, you can always lend them your car, your own bathroom, or your home for showers and sleeping arrangements and can offer to do their laundry while they focus on getting their lives back together. Dealing with a flood is traumatizing. Let Mr. Restore walk you through the entire process. We have over 50 years of experience dealing with home floods and the resulting water damage. We will make sure that your home is restored and rebuilt while working to salvage any items that were damaged in the flood. Our professional technicians understand that the catastrophe can take a physical and emotional toll on your family and will provide full-service solutions.