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Handling Musty Odors After a Flood in Lewisville, TX

Heavy rains and fierce storms frequently threaten infrastructure in Lewisville, Texas, and can sometimes result in flood damage. Floods are also an outcome of plumbing failures. When floods occur, a Lewisville flood damage restoration company can help remediate the destruction. They may also help you cope with the unpleasant insurance claim processes. This article addresses one of the most crucial aspects of flood damage restoration practices: eliminating musty odors after water damage.

Causes of Odors

Odor or a pungent stench is usually an outcome of mold infestation, fire smoke, or flooding. Successful odor removal requires restoration specialists to determine the precise cause. Let us quickly review how floods leave foul smells in their wake.

How Flooding Leads to Odors

Usually, in the immediate aftermath, the focus lies on damage assessment and implementing repairs. It is during or after this that you may notice odors that fail to dissipate. Three main reasons why flooding produces musty odors are bacteria, sewage, and mold growth. These dispense a characteristic stench throughout the property that may also settle on your furniture, carpets, or other materials, posing a significant health risk. If you do not discard the impacted contents immediately, or the property is not thoroughly dried, a strong odor could linger.

Getting Rid of Odors After Floods

Sometimes even after the water is gone, those stale, musty odors are hard to get rid of. It is unpleasant to deal with and indicates inadequate cleanup efforts or prevailing moisture. Here we share the importance of dealing with flood damage and how you can eliminate odors.

  • Sitting water saturates all materials it is on or around. Do not let that happen, and begin the remediation process as soon as possible to save your property and belongings.
  • The longer you wait to fix issues, the moreexpensive these get, and the pungent the odors turn. You are at the risk of permanently degrading the structures. Not addressing the issues in time can further lead to problems with filing your insurance claims.
  • The more time you take to approach waterlogging problems, the greater the possibilities of mold and moisture concerns. Get in touch with an emergency Lewisville flood damage restoration team to minimize any associated hazards
  • Keep an eye on all damp areas that can support mold growth and get those mended.
  • Use dehumidifiers and/or fans to dry the area if the space isn’t huge. For larger areas, contact professionals who can provide you industrial-strength equipment to expedite moisture and odor removal.
  • Use a natural deodorizer such as baking soda solution to eliminate any smell from curtains and carpets.
  • Spritz upholstery with white vinegar and let it air dry to eliminate odor.

When you are unsure how to confront an odor problem after flooding, contact a Lewisville flood damage restoration professional before the issue worsens. Do not attempt to clean the space yourself. Let a reputable and qualified company do that for you since flood remediation is their daily business, and they know the specifics in and out.

Contact Us for Professional Assistance With Flood Damage Restoration in Lewisville, Texas

If you have tried it all and offensive odors persist, it may be time to call the experts at Mr. Restore. Handling musty odors after flooding is a process best left to professionals. Our flood restoration team is highly skilled and uses only the best equipment to deal with even the worst of Lewisville flooding issues, such as intense and lingering smells. We can help you reclaim the fresh-smelling space you had before. Contact us today!