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How to Board up Windows to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is in full swing. This means high winds and heavy rains that could possibly damage your home and property. Storm surges, flash flooding, and even tornadoes are possible this hurricane season, which will last until November 30th. These storms are often unpredictable, and it is best to be prepared for whatever may come into our state. In fact, according to the Texas Tribune, Hurricane Harvey caused an estimated $200 billion in damage when it hit Gulf Coast last August. Mr. Restore has helped thousands recover after each hurricane season. We know exactly what precautions to take during hurricane season to prevent damage to your property and to keep your loved ones safe. Most importantly, be sure to have an emergency storm kit prepared. We have outlined how to properly prepare an emergency kit and other safety tips for your family. The best way to prevent damage to your home before a storm, however, is to properly board up your windows and doors. Boarding up your windows before a serious storm or hurricane is a vital step toward keeping your home safe. There are many reasons to board up your windows and doors this hurricane season. Boarding your windows from the inside will ensure that glass does not projectile and spill into your home if high winds and pressure cause the glass to shatter. Boarding your windows and doors will also help prevent water damage because rain will be unable to enter if the windows or doors break during a hurricane. This water damage will be very costly and time-consuming to repair. If the windows do break, the boards will enable you to continue using the air conditioner in the hot Texas heat after the storm has passed. Lastly, boarded windows can help prevent looters from entering your home if you have evacuated town during a storm. Using tape at the edges of your windows and doors will not be enough to protect your home during Texas hurricane season. Follow our simple steps and guidelines for boarding up your home this summer and preventing damage to your home.

Step 1: Measure and count all of your windows and doors to ensure you are purchasing the correct amount of materials

Step 2: When you measure each window and door, add 8 inches to the height and length of each measurement when recording. You want the boards to be larger than the opening to ensure the correct amount of protection.

Step 3: Most plywood sheets are 4 by 8 feet. This will help you calculate how many sheets you will need. The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes suggests purchasing plywood that is at least 5/8th inches thick.

Step 4: Gather your materials. You will need a drill and drill bits, a circular saw, a hammer, and a wrench. Remember, you will also need safety materials, including work gloves and safety goggles. It will be easier to complete this project with another helper.

Step 5: Drill holes in the plywood first, about 2 inches from the edge

Step 6: Carefully place the plywood over your opening and mark where you will place the mounting holes

Step 7: Use lag screws to penetrate the wall and secure the plywood to the opening. You will only need to penetrate 1-2 inches deep.

Step 8: The boards can be removed or added when you like. Keep the lag screws in to make it easier to put the boards back quickly in case of an upcoming storm. Storms during hurricane season are unpredictable. In the event that a storm has caused water or wind damage to your home or business, immediately contact Mr. Restore. We will quickly come to your property and provide a free evaluation. We will make cleaning up after a storm efficient and safe. Our expert restoration specialists can help with wet carpets and rugs, replace sheetrock, and more.