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How Storm Damage Affects Homes and Businesses

How storms can affect houses

The recent waves of storms throughout America showed the potential damage that can be caused to businesses and residential or commercial areas within minutes. Strong winds and floods can result in collateral damage by bringing down trees and electricity wires and ripping houses apart. Houses could collapse due to inland flooding and also make it unsafe for you to walk on flooded roads or pathways, especially when the electrical wires have fallen. The recent hurricanes were strong enough to destroy walls and structural foundations. If floods stand higher than a few meters, they can demolish structures. If water stands up to 1,700 pounds per cubic yard, it is sufficient to bring down houses that are not designed to withstand hurricanes.

Strong winds can cause significant damage to buildings and vegetation, especially in coastal areas. With high-impact storms, the floods may extend for about 40km and results in extensive landslides, causing catastrophic damage in residential areas. Severe floods also increase your risk of drowning unintentionally. The collateral damage from storms can last for weeks, and the entire community is at the receiving end. Mr. Restore offers storm damage restoration services in Arlington, TX. Since storms are a frequent occurrence in Arlington, TXMr. Restore  can help restore damage from hurricanes and even offers clean-up services.

The thing is that once the storm is over, and even if there is no visible damage, it is too risky to assume that all areas around your house and property are safely covered. When you are living in Arlington, TX, storms can bring health risks and the potential for severe injuries. If you are a homeowner, structural damage would reflect badly on the house and bring down the market value. Mr. Restore  provides storm  restoration services in Arlington, TX,  to repair your house back to its original condition.

How storms affect businesses

During the storm season, people would be less likely to go out of their houses to remain sheltered, which impacts sales. Businesses also suffer from damages incurred at offices or industrial plants. Businesses may also suffer if they are unable to transport stock to retail outlets due to blocked or flooded roads.

Furthermore, business activity may come to a halt because of frequent power outages or breakdowns. It is difficult to conduct business if offices are damaged, and roads are blocked.

Why should I hire professional services?

It is not simple to deal with structural damage all on your own. You have to deal with broken wires, trees, doors, windows, and pipelines. If your house is completely damaged, seek shelter at a nearby facility or call emergency services. There are many states throughout the US where houses are not designed to withstand hurricanes of today, as relevant in the damage caused by recent storms. If your house is still intact, but some areas have been damaged in a storm, just contact Mr. Restore storm damage services in Arlington, TX.  What takes you ages to handle could take professionals barely a few days or weeks to cover up and at reasonable costs. Mr. Restore is ready to adjust the costs, answer any questions that you may have, and guide you further about how you can protect yourself and your belongings. Your house is prone to great damage if corrective and remedial measures are not taken to prevent future losses…

And with the number of losses that occur after a storm…it’s not possible for residents or homeowners to take it all into their own hands. Professional services in Arlington, TX have the appropriate equipment to deal with the type of damage that results from storms. Moreover, dealing with the damage all by yourself could be life-threatening as you may have to climb higher to fix, for instance, holes in the roof. Mr. Restore has the proper resources to minimize damage and reduce threats to life. You can depend on professional services for your safety. Professional services continue to work efficiently on your house, one house at a time until the house’s original condition is restored.

They also have meters to measure humidity levels around the house and to determine whether the wet areas are drying properly. Experts would make sure that every nook and corner of the house is covered, especially the dark and inaccessible corners, to improve overall air quality and breathing space. They can also cleanse the house of bacteria, pathogens, or toxins so that you are not prone to illnesses.

Why Mr. Restore?

  • Over 50 years of restoration experience and thousands of happy customers
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • 24/7 Emergency Response and on-site within 60 minutes
  • Free Evaluations
  • Advanced Drying Technologies
  • We work with all insurance companies
  • BBB A+ rated and accredited and Home Advisor award winners

We provide 24/7 services for commercial as well as residential buildings without interruptions to your daily business operations or household work. Mr. Restore  can provide services in Arlington, TX both before the storm as well as after the storm.

Call  Mr. Restore  24/7 at 1-877-631-7576

Here are what our happy customers have to say:

“We came home from a vacation to a flooded house. The Mr. Restore team had a team to our house in under 30 minutes with equipment in tow. Their team was so professional and helpful – they answered every question we had. They even acknowledged that for the amount of damage we had, there were alternative methods we could take to make the repairs on our own. You could not find a more honest, honorable group to help take care of you during what can be an extremely stressful time.”

Mr. Restore  went above and beyond the damage clean-up job, they helped me navigate my insurance policy, they were very responsive after hours on a weekend, and they really strived to do a high-quality job within my budget constraints, proposing different ways to tackle the damage I had, they always arrived on time and answered every one of my calls while the project lasted.”

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