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How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

Suffering from a water damage disaster can be a stressful and uncertain time. You have to deal with the source of the water damage, find someone to clean up the water and then deal with the aftermath. There are many sources of water damage, ranging from floods, appliance malfunctions, precipitation from a leaky roof and so much more. In the midst of all the stress, you may be asking yourself, “How much is all of this going to cost?”

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of water damage restoration. When Mr. Restore arrives to your property to assess the damage, we will look at a variety of things when putting together an estimate. We understand that water damage is a time-sensitive issue, our team will work quickly and efficiently to looking at the following factors when calculating your quote:

Level of Damage

The degree of damage that the water has caused will affect costs. Remember, the longer the water damage sits, the worse it will get. Water damage that was immediately assessed by Mr. Restore may have caused less damage to your home’s materials and possessions, therefore costing less money. Jobs that have led to extensive damage or excess mold and mildew will cost more because it will require more equipment and the replacement of materials. 

Size of the Area Affected by the Water Damage

The size of the area that was affected by water damage plays a role in how much it will cost to restore and repair. Mr Restore will calculate the square footage of the water damage when we arrive to assess your property. The larger the affected area, the more it will cost to restore. A flooded bathroom may cost less than a flooded living room, as your living area is likely much larger than your bathroom. It also depends on where the damage occurred and what materials will need to be replaced or restored. No matter how big or small the affected area is, do not leave the water damage unattended.

Type of Water Damage

There are three different classifications of water damage depending on the water’s source. The type of water that has caused the damage to your home will also have an effect on costs. No matter what the cause of the water damage, do not attempt to clean it yourself. 

  • Clean Water – This will likely be the least expensive type of water damage to repair because it is not toxic and originated from a source that is considered sanitary.
  • Greywater – Greywater will be more expensive to clean and repair than clean water. Greywater usually contains dangerous chemicals that originated from cleaning products
  • Blackwater – Blackwater is the most dangerous type of water that leads to the most damage. It is the most expensive type of water damage to restore. Blackwater carries threatening contaminants and bacteria that could be considered life-threatening. It originates from human and animal waste. 

Material Replacement

The type of materials and possessions that need to be replaced will also have an effect on the cost of the water damage repair. Water can damage flooring, walls, furniture, counter tops, cabinets, and much more. Depending on type of materials are damaged, this will determine the cost of replacement and repair. The sooner you contact Mr. Restore, the more likely your materials will be salvageable. 

Dealing with the costs of water damage can be overwhelming, and Mr. Restore wants to make the process as easy for you as possible. We have an active relationship with most insurance providers. We know how to work with providers to ensure you are receiving the best coverage during the water restoration process, including that your agency pays what is necessary and required to get your home or business back to pre-loss condition. We work hard as your advocate, from taking pictures of the entire process and communicating with your insurance company the cost of each replacement and repair. 

If you suffer from water damage, give Mr. Restore a call! You will receive personal, top-notch services every step of the way. You will rest easy knowing our professionally trained technicians will carefully and quickly get your home or business back to normal. Mr. Restore will hold the insurance carrier accountable to ensure all your needs are met and covered.