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How Long Does Sewage Contamination Last in Dallas, TX?

Sewage damage in Dallas, Texas is not something that people deal with very often. It can be complicated and hazardous. Raw sewage, also called black water, contains harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses from human waste, food waste, bathing and beauty products, laundry detergents, and dishwashing waste. As such, a sewage emergency should not be thought of as a DIY project — it’s crucial that you contact a sewage damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas to handle the cleanup as soon as possible.

How Long Does Sewage Contamination Last?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how long the sewage waste contamination would last on your property. However, some critical and harmful bacteria may have a survival time of about 24 hours and can live for up to a hundred days or more. One of the crucial factors in determining the contamination time here is how well the affected areas have been reached and cleaned.

A fact worth remembering is that, when a site is exposed to sewage waste, the bacteria and viruses are not confined only to the wet areas, or the places where sewage has made contact. They could be everywhere — in the air or on higher surfaces — so the cleanup and restoration plan should be thorough and rigorous.

Why Is Sewage Contamination Dangerous?

Sewage water is a combination of everything that goes down the residential drain. All the materials combine and react and are no less a danger zone than a commercial sewage waste. It contains biohazards that can lead to asthma, dermatitis, damage to blood, kidneys, or liver, eyes infections, and hepatitis A.

Sewage leaks release a list of pathogens like E-coli, cholera, intestinal amoeba, and shigella, which must be addressed with adequate approaches to prevent ingestion, illnesses, or direct contact. In addition, gases that leak into the air, even in smaller quantities, can be lethal. As such, an effective odor elimination plan can quickly remove the contamination.

What Can Cause Sewage Damage?

Any unnecessary chemical or bacteria-producing materials that are flushed or poured down the drain can disrupt the entire functioning of the sewage system. Furthermore, these chemicals can be released into the house and even deteriorate the sewage system. In short, any sewage damage or backup should be considered an emergency.

Old sewage systems, combined pipelines, and extensive tree root growth are three common causes of sewage backups. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep the system clean, maintained, and free of any obstructions to prevent future issues.

Most homeowners do not have the knowledge, skill, or equipment to handle a sewage problem at their home. As such, it’s essential that you contact a sewage damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas to determine the type of damage you have encountered and how to properly handle it.

Looking for a Sewage Damage Restoration Company in Dallas, Texas?

At Mr. Restore, we are a team of licensed, fully trained, and knowledgeable sewage cleanup and sewage damage restoration professionals in Dallas, Texas. Our team provides top-notch sewage damage cleanups and restoration services to residential and commercial properties throughout the DFW area.

With over 50 years of experience, you can be assured that our technicians can locate, address, and effectively decontaminate all areas, leaving the site safe and ready for use.   Our best-in-class tools and techniques allow us to treat the affected areas and your belongings, eliminate offensive odors, remove moisture, and keep your home dry and problem-free.

Contact the top-rated sewage damage restoration company in Dallas, Texas for a free estimate.

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